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Published: 17 December 2018

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After having my car stolen and totalled I began looking for another vehicle once the insurance company provided me with my check. I searched high and low because without much money I wanted the best I could get for the least amount. I decided to go foreign. This was back in july 2014 I began looking. I came across an ad for a car that interested me and upon contact I did not have the insurance check yet and had to ask if the car could be held for me for a few days with a small deposit. Basically the car was not kept for me but this peson offerred me another deal on the exact same type of car. I was highly enthusiastic. Once I got the money I contacted this person and made an arrangement to meet at my home for a test drive. I am on disabillity and did not take the car out of the neighborhood it seemed fine at the time as these people have their own mechanic. My borfriend is also a previous mechanic of ten years quite a while back. The gentleman came into my home and we signed off on the deal and I gave him $3500 in cash of which I do have the receipt. I was given a temp tag for 30 days as it was already on the vehicle so I thought all was legit. After driving this vehicle for a few weeks all sorts of codes were popping up on the dashboard all the windows were tinted of which I did not know was not legal until the first trip to motor vehicle and this is when I found that the man who sold me the car had left motor vehicle failing for numerous reasons and brought the var to me anyway to purchase. After 5 months and about $1500 in parts and my boyfriends labor the car is finally tagged and the title in my name legally. I have doctors appts all the time and i needed a dependble car so a couple of months after the purchase I made a phon call to this company and acted as if I were a new buyer looking for a car and I asked questions pertaining to selling vehicles guaranteed for inspection and was told by a worker there that yes each car they sell must pass inspection. I had to have my boyfriend take the car each time he did something new to it so it would pass and finally on the 5th visit about 2 weeks ago I got my tags title, etc. I spoke with a supposed 2ndary owner Mr. sencherry who wrote up a descriptive report of what was paid for the vehicle and what my boyfriend had to put into it plus his labor and faxed me an estimate of just a little over $1k. Once speaking with the owner he in no way shape or form wanted to lose that kind of money on a purchase even though it was in writing and it took him 2 months of no contact just us calling him and we even went there as they closed the door in our faces after sitting and waiting 20 mins to speak with someone. After I called him time and time again he agreed to only $350 of a refund? It took him 2 months to pay us back nnd it was under his terms and location where the money was exchanged. I watvhed my boyfiend for countless hours working on my car taking off the tint there was no working horn, it needed a catalytic converter the passenger side door still does not have a window that goes down, oxygen sensors among other things. He has a list of all he has done himself as it was never even ready to be sold in the first place and motor vehicle were the ones that told us the exact day it failed which again I will say it was the exact day he drove out to my home and sold me a freakin lemon. We still have things that are coding on the vehicle which makes me scared as a disabled person to drive it not knowing what could happen and i now have a switch for a horn? Please do not get invloved with these rip off artists or you just might find yourself in the same position I am in still today almost 6 months later. I feel that at least half of the cars buying price should be refunded but they are unwilling to work with me and they had no car fax rreport available either. I would like to file a civil judgement against this person according to the lemon law but have degenerative disc disease which at times makes me unable to do most things and I am under pain management and on disability and once again was taken advantage of as a consumer. I do not know if witing this report will help me in any way but satisfaction but it sure would be nice to be reimbursed for the time and parts that it cost us to get the car on the road legally. Thanks for reading…GOD BLESS .

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