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Published: 20 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

AT LAST – somebody has actually caught on to this guy and what he’s trying to do here. Everything the original poster said here is on point. And as someone who WAS an ardent fan and follower of Tracy Davison, I can tell you that it took me a fair while to come to my senses because like a lot if not all of his ardent followers/cheerleaders and totally brainwashed disciples, I truly thought this man walked on water too. Thing is, after all the outlandish and ludicrous promises that were rarely kept and then the sheer logical fallacies and natural suspicions that crept up on me week by week, month by month until it just smacked me in the face how much of a ride that I and thousands of others have been taken on, it just seems so obvious to me now that this was all horseshit on an epic scale. I honestly don’t know how I fell for all of this crap yet again with these biz ops and MLM money-traps. I know of many similar stories that you will find from people who AREN’T up Tracy’s backside and have genuine complaint and concerns which of course as any of you on Facebook that follow or have followed him know, you cannot air on his ‘Wall Of Joy’.It doesn’t get any cult-ier than what Tracy does with all these self-glorifying glossy posters he puts of himself with quotes from others bigging him up constantly etc. It’s pure cult-like mentality all the way and even when I was convinced at one time that all of this was legit, I still found that creepy and worrying even then. And the sheer arrogance of the man to say on one of his videos that not only does he welcome people trying to sue him for claims of not receiving their paid sign ups, but that he and his ‘legal team’ (who I think only exist in his head) would take on Paypal and sue them for being blacklisted?! You know, because a multi-billion dollar LEGIT payment processor like Paypal will not touch the garbage that Tracy and people like him are peddling with a 50ft barge pole and with very good reason. What truly gets me is that no one who is a supporter of Tracy will stop to think of the sheer logical fallacy of the endless recruiting chain. And added to that, Tracy’s completely ludicrous claims of his staff of recruiters pulling in 50,000 people a day or a week, even a month. Fact of the matter is, even if they COULD do that (which we KNOW they won’t and can’t), the age old problem of no one near the bottom being able to recruit anyone else and therefore losing money each month before they drop out, would still prevail. I don’t think much in the way of attention has been brought to this yet because it’s still fairly new and unknown to a lot of people (thank Christ). But that’s only a matter of time.The interwebs will soon be chock full of desperate affiliates trying to get people into this crap. And then of course, we have Tracy’s famed ‘reality TV show’ (which Youtube have subsequently decided to terminate from their site, can’t think why?!) Tracy’s continued claims of creating 10,000 millionaires by the end of ‘Season 1′(?!) is just about the most jaw-dropping and laughable of all.I even said to one of his followers, just how many people would it take under each one of those ‘millionaires’ to earn that kind of money? Hundreds of thousands a piece? And then how would THEY earn enough themselves? And according to the program’s website info, one can ‘possibly’ even earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, just from spillover! One last thing – I was an agent for Pinoy Recruiters, so I’ve seen a little bit behind the curtain more than most. And if I had any niggling doubts then as to the authenticity and logistics of both PR and these programs, then they are full blown concerns now. And Tracy one said about Zeek Rewards on one of his older TV show videos to a group of potential customers/agents, that the US government shut it down because “they didn’t like the compensation plan”. Really? ‘Compensation plan’? By that you mean huge fraudulent scheme to elicit hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide through a massive Ponzi scam for its owners and top recruiters? Same shit with every one of these programs. 15 months of literally paying the price with these before I woke up and smelled the java. Let’s just hope that this charlatan doesn’t get to carry on fleecing people for years to come.

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