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Published: 13 September 2018

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My girlfriend had literally become physical ill after dealing with this monster Tracy Bernardo. He scammed her off of more than $4,000, money in which it has taken her a year to save up. After numerous unanswered phone calls and emails asking for an explanation Tracy Bernardo started to harass and threaten us for wanting our money back. I didn’t think anyone like him existed until ran into this man. We started doing extensive research about this man which ultimately led us to his other victims and we shared notes which were very parallel to one another. We all noted that before handing over to Mr. Bernardo, he was well spoken, pleasant to talk to, always picked up his phone and gained our trust. I remember the first time he didn’t answer his phone right away, was the day after my girlfriend sent over the money to him. After the money gets sent, Tracy Bernardo no longer values his clients. It starts from his little run around and excuses, he makes up the most ridiculous excuses at times. Then he starts getting agitated and short tempered, he then resorts to harassing, intimidation, threats and slanders to his own CLIENTS who are waiting on their product. Who in the World does this? I’ll tell you who, a manipulative and conniving sociopath. He as displayed zero remorse for any of his victims, he has never once apologized for any of his wrong doings, till today even after being pursued in court many times he’s still on the attack, just last month he made allegations to a English teacher that she was a child molester after she spoke out on him. At first he told everyone she was one of his competitors and was never a customer of his, and then on the same page he stated she was a customer and then finally on the same page again he stated she was a child molester. This man has no problem lying; he lies so much he doesn’t realize how nonsensical and contradicting his lies become. He’s now running a web design company, this is about the 10th company he has ran, every other company has been exposed as a scam with negative reviews so he just hops onto the next thing. He writes fake articles pretending to be the most popular web consultant in Sacramento, boasting how popular he was that he was picked from a poll yet no poll was linked, no sources and if he’s so popular and everyone knows him why does his Facebook design company has only 9 fans total? Yeah 9 fans, so popular. He’s trying everything to cover up his past, he even created a Google plus account and started adding everyone and everything he can in order to look like he has friends and fans and sadly out of the 800+ people he has added on Google, no one talks to him, look at all the post he has posted, he gets no response, no likes and no comments. Wow nice fake friends there Tracy, the true fact is that no one likes this man, because of his nasty narcissist, manipulative, and disgusting character trait he has, no one can stand him, he’s the lowest form of a human being. This man like most sociopath wants to be in control, wants power, and wants recognition. The second that his man doesn’t feel like in control that’s when the monster comes out in him, when he has a client and talking to them on the phone, he feels in control, he feels good feeding them the bullshit he has to say in order for them to hand over the money, but once they speak out for themselves or wanting their money back, he no longer feels in control, so in order to be in control again he has to use unethical tactics of intimidation, lies, threats, slander, and of course lawsuit threats so he can flex his power and feel in control, he wants to strike fear onto his victims. This man is pure evil, doing business with him will just make your life a living hell. Don’t ever believe anything this man says, he’s a pathalogical liar, he has no problem lying to anyone, don’t even believe what I’m saying, do your own research, lookup ihs court cases, look up his other victims or talk to his ex-broker. The fact that Tracy Bernardo has been imvolved with this kind of business and behavior for the past decade and is close to 50 years old, doesn’t seem like he’s going to change, this is a sad and digusting individual. If you do business with him you can end up being accused of being a child molester online, he’ll call your family and tell them that, he’ll call your work place doing that, he won’t stop until you back off, stay away from this monster!

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