Tracy Spicer

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Tracy Spicer will rob you and mess with your life

Women everywhere need to watch out for Tracy Spicer. This man has beaten me to the point that my collarbone broke. He’s an asshole and I can’t believe I dated him for a whole year. The whole time, he was cheating on me, with strippers and even men. He hooked up with women from other states and girls at the swingers club.
He’s a thief. He stole my $1,200 Apple computer. It was my deceased mom’s. He asked me for $1,000 to give to his own mother when she wanted to bury his stepdad. But then I found out that the money was never given to her, and she ended up having to cremate the body. He bought a car with the money instead. I won a court case for the $3,600 he stole from me. He was supposed to pay it back, but I haven’t gotten a single penny till today. In fact, he took another $1,000 from me this past week.
He doesn’t work, but drives a $40,000 truck and lives with his mom. He moved to Kentucky only so the finance companies don’t find him. He uses, heroin and coke and drinks a LOT. He has STDs that he spreads around to everyone. He will rob you and ruin your life. You want to stay well away from this douchebag.

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