Be aware of another binary trading scheme. Tradersking owners and employees are fucking bastards.

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Published: 05 August 2017

Posted by: Eric M. Robinson

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First of all, these guys don’t give money back. I’m not the first one who complained about this and there have been a number of people who said they never got their money back from this Tradersking scam site. I’m not talking about refunds. I’m talking about withdrawal. Even if you make a profit with these guys, they simply don’t let you take your money out and you lose it forever.
There has been a number of cases reported all over the Internet about these guys and their positive behavior but I will tell you my story. Dealing with these idiots cost me more than $15,000.
I deposited $4,000. After a while, my account was at $5,800 and I wanted to make a withdrawal. But they informed me that I needed to trade the triple the amount of my original investment in order to be able to withdraw my money. What kind of bullshit was that? I have never seen that before and I was pretty pissed about it. So I figured I would just deposit more money and make faster and bigger trades in order to get out of this limitation.
I deposited another $5,000 and started trading. But then I simply started losing money. Every time it was delayed and they blamed it on the computer problems and network problems and all the other bullshit excuses they could find. But the real truth is that they didn’t want me to take my money out. When I started reading, they even offered me professional guidance and help from one of their professionals.

I don’t know if that’s his real name but the name I got was Alex Stern. He promised and guaranteed me that I would make a profit 100% and that we would make trades with no risk and only beneficial ones for my account. And I was stupid as well. I trusted this guy and I even deposited $6,000 more. This shit was getting serious. This guy started with tips and traders info and based on that, we made trades that basically led us nowhere. Our success rate was at 50%. But that meant that I did not make any money.
In fact, I only lost money due to their commission that they took on every trade. And we kept those trades going like crazy. So being 50% successful, I lost about $4,000 in the span of four months. I mean what is the point of reading if you’re going to lose money this way or the other!
But the agony didn’t stop there. Being $4,000 down, I decided to cut the ties with the Tradersking and recover the rest of my money. I mean it’s better to go down 4000 than an entire sum of $15,000. Well, as it turned out, I was wrong. These guys never had any intention of giving my money back. I bet you that even the trades we did were a fake and well organized by Tradersking themselves.
So how can you beat them? You simply can’t. Either you make bad trades and lose your money anyways to them, or you make good trades and never see your money again because you couldn’t withdraw. Either way, it’s a lose-lose situation for you.
So the bottom line here is simple and elegant. Binary options trading is a gamble anyhow and you shouldn’t be doing it all in the first place, but especially avoid Tradersking. These guys are not even approved by the FCA. They operate on their own and they are in no way liable, and there is no mechanism to make sure that your money is safe and secure and the trades are genuine and fair.
There are plenty of scams like this out there but this is one of the worst. Only because they are very well advertised and you can find them whenever you Google them. It is a big issue because people need to know about this company and avoid them at all costs. Imagine how many elderly people so far have fallen victims and got scammed out of their hard-earned retirement money. Help me catch these pricks and slow them down at least if we can stop them. Spread the word that the Tradersking is a fucking thieving corporation that shouldn’t be trusted and should actually be avoided. I know I won’t stop and I will keep telling the truth because people deserve to know it, and get angry about it.

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