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Published: 09 May 2020

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TradersVolt is a forex, CFD’s, stocks, and cryptocurrency broker. It is cited to be headquartered at 3422, Old Capitol Trail, PMB# 989, Wilmington. It is based out of the North Carolina region.

Clone Address

In my TradersVolt review, I found that there is another company named Paxful which operates from the same address. This is not possible as no two broker companies can operate from a single address. The address of Paxful is 3422, Old Capital Trail, Wilmington, PMB# 989. It can be confirmed at the official website of the company at

The address of the company decides the regulation of the company. A broker has to be registered in the region where it provides its services. The license (regulation)  is not only a certification but an assurance to the traders. The virtual address of this broker hints that they operate from somewhere else. A fake address or a duplicate address is a serious matter of concern.

Not Regulated in the US

TradersVolt is an unregulated broker. It claims to be operating from North Carolina but is not regulated by the National Futures Association of the US. The NFA is an independent body that is responsible for the adherence to the standard guidelines by the forex trading and other futures trading companies. It can be verified at

TradersVolt made a huge mistake by mentioning fake details for its origin. It is clear to all of the brokers that the US has very strict guidelines for them. All of the brokers operating in the US have to get a valid license.

They have to submit their annual audit reports to the concerned registration authorities and they are fined in case of any discrepancy in their operations. These authorities provide complete protection to the traders with compensation policies in case the broker goes bankrupt. Sadly, no such benefits are available to the traders of TradersVolt.

No Info on Ownership

The company doesn’t provide any details about the owner group. There is no information about the team behind the company. They only mention details of Crypticoin but there is no established link with the company. There are no details about the team, the year of origin, and the professional experience of TradersVolt.

TradersVolt swears to be based out of the US. It is not regulated by the financial supervisory authority of the region. The address outline is fake and is provided only to attract traders.

It is an offshore unregulated broker with no genuine details. Your funds aren’t secure while dealing with TradersVolt because they don’t keep them in segregated accounts. It is highly probable that the money of investors is used in illegal activities by the broker.

Limited Trading Services

TradersVolt offers trading in forex, CFDs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies but there are no mentions of forex, CFD’s, and stocks related products of the company. They have stressed over cryptocurrencies only. It creates doubt as to whether they are only a cryptocurrency broker and do they deal in other products too.

TradersVolt misleads the traders with a list of trading services but there are no particulars available about them.

They are more inclined towards digital assets. There is no outline of any other services of the company. It would be better if the broker mentions clear details about the services.

The services of the broker include details about the leverage ratios and the spread offered in the trading accounts. The most important services include details about the products. The forex pairs, commodities like precious metals, futures, etc. must be explained properly. TradersVolt disheartens traders by providing no details about the basic services it offers to the traders.

No Demo Accounts

TradersVolt discourages traders from joining them by not having demo accounts. There is no way to get information about the leverage ratio and spread of the company. A demo account enables the trader to execute trades without risking actual money.

The absence of a demo account is the first indicator of the broker’s weak services. TradersVolt gives no idea to the traders about its live trading conditions.

A demo account is an unsaid assurance to the trader about the commitments of the company. It is helpful for the trader to execute trades and trading strategies without worrying about losing money. That’s why they are so popular.

Isolated Trading Account

TradersVolt once again disappoints traders by offering no choices in live trading accounts. There is only one trading account available, which requires a minimum initial investment of 500GBP. It is equivalent to $625. It is too high. There are no elements of the spreads and leverage ratios. The products available for trading are not provided.

The minimum initial investment of regulated brokers starts at $50. TradersVolt has set the minimum initial investment more than 10 times higher than the standard.

The leverage ratio of the trading account is the ratio between the funds of the trader and the credit of the brokers. The ideal leverage is 1:100. The spread is the difference in the bid price and the asking price of the trade. It should start with 0 pips for the ideal currency pair. The high rising spread is the indicator of the volatile trading circumstances.

A single live trading account is a disastrous addition to the gripe of the traders. There is no outline available for deposit, withdrawal charges, processing fees, and other pieces of information. TradersVolt gives no clarity over any types of fee and transaction details.

No MetaTrader

Another shocking revelation to the traders is the absence of the MetaTrader platform on the TradersVolt. Meta Trader 4 is an all-in-one trading platform with facilities of algorithmic trading, automatic trading signals, and compatibility to mobile as well as desktop devices. TradersVolt is supposed to provide a web-based training platform. This platform is unresponsive with no basic features.

Blunders in the Website

The website of the company is

The company has 4 different landing web pages for the home tab of the website.

The website of the company is full of irresponsive links. The navigation on the website is hard to understand. and the CTA is unclear. The web page is too long with less information.

The quality of content on the website is the least interactive. All of the links and tabs lead to a single page showing hyped content about cryptocurrencies. In addition to this, the details of the owners are missing. They have a setup of 3 different countries. The domain of the company was registered in the year 2019.

An ideal website for the broker is the one with exact and powerful information. There must not be any confusing or misleading content over the site of the company. The navigation must be easy and should lead to the desired results. Clearly, TradersVolt doesn’t care about its customers and so, it hasn’t put any effort into its website.

Social Media Presence of TrandersVolt

The social media icons on the website of TradersVolt lead to no active accounts.

TradersVolt is not present on any of the prominent social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The absence of social media hints at the weak policies of the broker to stay connected to the traders.

Shaky Customer Support

TradersVolt does not provide strong and reliable technical customer support to the traders. There is no provision of regional contact numbers, email IDs, Skype numbers, or live chats. It should be noted that the company has a web-based trading platform which emphasizes the need for quick and trusted customer support at all times.

TradersVolt is a Terrible Broker

I cannot give more than 0.5 over the 5 point rating scale in my TradersVolt review. The company does not provide any basic details about the ownership, terms, and registration details. There are no options for live trading accounts and no provision for a basic demo account. There is also no outline for customer support and their trading platform.

TradersVolt is an offshore unregulated broker with no specified details about its origin, services, and support. The broker aims to get money from traders and simply vanish after that. It is not recommended to deal with this fraudulent and fishy broker.

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