Online Trading Academy Review. Hint. it's a Scam

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Published: 02 June 2019

Posted by: Ahren Ness

Stay Away! They use high pressure sale tactics . And misrepresent their product. it’s a scam.

First they invite you to a one hour free intro. in this intro they will give you a sales pitch on their supply and demand strategy. Talk about how it’s patented. Thats when they use the “artificial scarcity” sales tactic of offering you a 3 day training on their “core strategy”. They offer it for one price $199 but if you dont buy it then the price jumps to $399. Bullshit artificial scarcity tactic.

After you do that they now will have you in a controlled environment for 3 days. But before their “financial counsellor” who is just a salesman that doesn’t even trade because he makes more money selling these packages. Will have you meet with him for a “consultation””. Which is just them trying to feel you and build your trust in confidence (conmen) out and also give you a bullshit super high price for the full training. they’ll say the basic package is 25K to 85K when you can look on their own website and see that it’s cheaper than that at $5K to $50K if you look long enough.

When you attend their 3 day training the salesmen assigned to you will pull you into their office 5 or 6 times through out the 3 day period trying to bait you into taking out a loan for a 50K training packages by telling you that they reduced it from 85K to 50K which is artificial scarcity again. Then they have staged actors in their classes who pretend to have bought their “mastermind course” for 50k. The owners march in the middle of the class giving these actors these packets showing that they bought the course. out of 5 people only one person was a non actor.

They’ll try to push you to signing documents promising to pay and getting your credit card or a check for a down payment .they may even resort to bullying. The guy who owns the lombard ,IL one is an asshole. (two guys own it. one of them is the used cars sales men type) he was really disrespectful when someone wanted to go home and think about it. they really wanted to force them to sign up. if something is that good you don’t need to use high pressure sales tactics like this. and you’ll hear about this around the country.

i’ll tell you a secret. Their “core strategy course” is the only proprietary course. The futures, forex, stocks, etf are just things you can learn from the library. There are free links online to the “core strategy” book which their trainer just reads through while you are in class.

the majority never are successful and are still lost. Their scam is to tell you that you can take classes over and over again and that by taking classes over you will eventually learn. Well people are afraid to complain about them out of fear that they will lose their opportunity to take classes again.

Think about it? if you think that retaking a class just one more time is all you need to finally “get it”. are you going to complain? And most have all of their classes spaced out so far away. This is to make sure they can drag out as many payments out of you as possible before you figure out it’s bullshit and jump ship.

Their Extended Learning Track is bullshit its the same recording going over and over again with a chatroom that has people who don’t have a clue asking questions. you’ll be in there for 12 weeks learning what you could have learned on your own in 1 week.

their pro picks is a load of shit. they make you think that some pro is picking a shit load of trades daily . and all you gotta do is pay that 28K and you’ll get your money back by just following the pro. Well in their demo they have a pro doing that but the REAL pro picks are swing trades that take 2-3 months to execute one trade. it’s not four or 5 daily.

The real money is in owning the Franchise and in being a sales person . the sales reps make 6 figure incomes.

my friend and i both attended the 3 day training. he went on to the full courses. he was selling the core strategy materials for $100. which is good for any market. he recorded class sessions, extended track, etc. man i dodged a damn bullet. he’s very disappointed. Don’t do it.

Stay away from Futures, Forex, options and stock courses. Stay away from the extended learning track. The only thing half way decent is the 1 core strategy course which is $4k to $5K. And that’s good for long term swing trading. maybe 3 traders per year. you can talk them down on the price. But when you see how they treat people why would you pay them?

Don’t their 5 day course. not the 7 day course with “live trading”. the extra 2 days you won’t be trading. you may take one trade . they just use those 2 days to have those salesmen push you into buying more classes.

Again The core strategy is “ok”. any experienced order flow trader can tell you the flaws in it. But i would recommend you just buying the core strategy booklet from someone for $50 to $100 and ignore the rest.

if you are filthy rich and have millions just laying around. And can afford to make 3 – 4 traders per year. only take the core strategy course. not the 7 day. only the 5 day. the extra 2 days is a waste of 2k. But they may let you take the 7 day for 5k because they know those extra 2 days they get you in the controlled environment where they can manipulate your emotions to get you to buy more classes.

Just ask yourself. if it was so good why arent their sales staff and other administration trading for a living?

And ask them if they are willing to turn over their financials to prove that they are good traders? Almost all of their teachers are past students. They even know that the real money is in teaching this sham in this very well controlled high pressure sales emotional manipulation environment. Read about them around the net. it’s the same everywhere.

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