Tranquility Salon and Spa Hainesport

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Terrible service and no sense of responsibility!

I used to visit this place regularly because it was the nearest hair salon to my place. I was too lazy to look for any other place. But after a series of irritating experiences, I have decided that I’m never going back there. This place is a complete mess. The staff is rude, incompetent and quite frankly, stupid. They are irresponsible and don’t like to be held accountable for their pathetic jobs. Not only that, the prices of this place increase randomly without any prior notice. And the increments in the prices aren’t small. They increase the prices 1.5x on random occasions. I’ve had a number of irritating experiences with these people and that’s why I’ve realized that this place isn’t worth the money or the effort.

The first problem I had with this place was of their horrible appointment system. They don’t manage their appointments properly. You end up wasting a lot of your time by visiting this place. Even if you set up an appointment a week ago, it’s certain that they’ll disappoint you. I always visited this place after getting an appointment and I rarely got to get the services without waiting for long. One time, they had forgotten my appointment and so, I had to leave the place without getting anything. They used to make me wait for 30-50 minutes. It was quite a painful experience. Another problem I had with these people was of the incompetent and manner-less staff. The receptionist would never say sorry even after messing up my appointment. And the hair stylist wouldn’t cut the hair properly. I had visited the place to get extensions done. They did the extensions for sure, but they didn’t look like the way I wanted them to. They made me look weird. And even after showing the stylist plenty of photos, she wasn’t able to do them properly.

They used to switch up the stylists too. If you go to a hair salon regularly then you’d understand my pain. You develop an understanding with your stylist. He or she knows the kind of hairstyles you require and does the job accordingly. But when the stylists change randomly, it becomes increasingly difficult to get a proper hairstyle. I can’t explain my level of anger and irritation. These people just don’t care about their customers. When I complained about the switching of the stylists once, they just shrugged it off. Don’t get me started on their price hikes. Those were also a pain in the a*s. They used to randomly increase the price of their services. My entire experience with this place was terrible. I don’t think anyone should visit that. These people need to work on their customer service and appointment management. If they’d keep this up, I’m pretty sure they’d shut down in a few months. If you want quality services, go to some other hair salon or spa. This place isn’t the right choice for anyone in any case.

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