DO NOT WORK for Cloud 10 Corp/ Transcom unless it’s a personal emergency.

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Published: 04 September 2017

Posted by: Gilbert M. Lott

Cloud 10 Corp a.k.a Transcom runs virtual call center by hiring at-home professionals to answer customer service, sales, finance and technical calls. They provide at home employment for those professionals who do not consider working inside the four-walled office of a regular call center due to household responsibilities, disabilities or any such personal issues.
I had been unemployed for quite a few months as I lost my job with a mortgage company. Due to economic instability, I was having difficulty in finding another job. I started looking out for work from home options as I had to continue to pay bills and manage to survive. Finally, I came across Cloud 10 Corp and I thought of giving it a try. So I signed up for a two week project with Cloud 10.
I didn’t have a good experience working with them. It is not worth all the efforts in learning the tasks and spending on our own equipment. I had a computer along with internet service at home. But I was made to buy a headset and spend my own money for it. I spent hours downloading and installing their software only to have to do it again when they released another version. Moreover, I was not paid for all the hours I spent on training.
With all the glitches I faced, I understood that this was a new project and Cloud 10 was not prepared for it. The first 3 days, I took about 12 phone calls; more than half of those calls were test calls from Cloud 10. On the fourth day, I was unable to login to the system after lunch; I received an error message stating that my login ID was invalid. I was unable to contact anyone at Cloud 10 to find out what was going on as the lines were busy. For the next two hours, I kept trying to login to their systems continuously. It was common for us to have to try multiple times to actually get logged in.
They hired more number of agents than was needed for the project; they later wanted to lay off some of them. So, two hours later I got an e-mail from Cloud 10 Corp stating that my service on this project is no longer needed and that’s why I’ve been locked out of the system. They made sure to mention that we would only be paid for the amount of time that we were logged into the system. This meant that I would receive very less money compared to all the hours I actually worked.
I even missed out on certain interview opportunities due to this project. I was prepared to honor my commitment and work the entire project but Cloud 10 doesn’t care about their commitment. They could’ve at least had the courtesy to inform us that we were going to be let off prior to locking us out of the system. I would advise not to work for Cloud 10 Corp as they are very disorganized and unprofessional.

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