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Published: 25 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This place is was a nightmare. I am not sure where to begin. 1. If you are here, you are obviously doing your research (i wish i had) 2. This company has changed its name several times and have moved out from different cities such as Atlanta and even in Florida. if you look up Atlanta Certified Transmissions or Transmissions 4 Less you will find the owner Jose Castro’s name tied to everything — all with complaint. 3. They operate under 5-10 different phone numbers and a random call center that is not necessary. It is IMPOSSIBLE to reach the person you’d like to reach. I had to drive them crazy on their personal numbers to get a call back. 4. The 2 year warranty is in place solely to keep them from having to give you your money back and let me tell you, you WILL be back as in my case 3 times. 5. The work will not be done right the first time. 6. They towed my vehicle for free which was nice, as soon as i drove it out I had problems, I turned around and went right back. They replaced a solenoid. I left. Drove for 2 days, the next time I had even more problems. They promised to tow it back for free (which was nice because it’s still their fault it wasn’t working) After 3 days and a $200 rental car later, I got the car back. I drove it for one day before I began having problems even worse than when I took it there in the beginning. All my transmission and check engine lights were on and the car was hardly driveable. I requested them tow it back for free since they had practically RUINED this car. The obliged and I said I needed it towed by 5pm while I was at work, they promised it would be done by noon. I left the office at 5pm after calling multiple times to try to find out where they were. They called me at 5:15 saying that Transmissions 4 Less had just called them about the vehicle 15 min prior. I said sorry I do not want the car towed now. They called me back the following morning asking to pick up the car. I refused unless they would pay for a rental car. Jose refused to pay for my rental car, cursed out my father. Spoke horribly rude to myself. Threatened myself and my dad. I said I’d give them one more shot the following Monday, they agreed and never showed up. 7. I filed a claim with Wells Fargo to get my money back and LOST because these snakes had a 2 year “”WARRANTY”” … aka they will keep agreeing to “”fix”” your vehicle like you have 2 years to wait to have a driveable vehicle. 8. The last resort for me is small claims court, avoid this measure. THE LESSON HERE: I AM OUT $1870! PAY THE EXTRA MONEY AND AVOID THESE AT ALL COSTS. THEY “”REBUILD”” YOUR TRANSMISSION BY TRIAL AND ERROR REPLACING ONE LITTLE PIECE AT A TIME AND GETTING IT WRONG EVERY TIME. IT’S NOT WORTH THE STRESS, HEADACHE, FOUL LANGUAGE AND THREATS.

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A bunch of 2 legged rodents own and work in this towing storage facility. They damaged my vehicle doing a simple task when it was stuck.