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Published: 16 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Thank you for your interest in our opportunity. I have attached our Non Disclosure Agreement and Buyers Profile for you to complete and return to me. As soon as I receive these completed forms I will send you details about this service station business and answer any questions you have. Please call me with any questions. I look forward to assisting you. 2. How were you planning to finance this business. The asking price is $150,000 plus approximately $20K in inventory. You will also require working capital of about $20K. 3. If its LTV is 80% or even 70% I will have enough cash available for a down payment and working capital without the need for the equity in the home ans without selling any of the stocks positions.thanks. I had sent the buyers profile showing about $80000 in cash$40000 in home equity and about $75000 in stocks and still no reply back!! 4. hi, I had sent you the documents you requested in order to receive the information about the business for sale.why am I not getting the info? 5. hi. obviously there is something that is causing you to give me such a poor service,maybe its my name!! maybe there is something missing,maybe the business was sold( easy excuse), or this might be the standard poor service given by your company. I have never seen such a poor service and a broker that pushes away potential customers. Three years ago I bough my parents a Deli and the transaction was very pleasant.therefore,not all brokers give this kind of poor service.Furthermore, you should consider all documents void and null. You are not to use any information given to you on any document without my written consent. You are not to sell,trade,or give away any information including but not limited to phone number, address , and wont be hard to find a better service than the one you had given. 6. I am sorry that I have caused you so much frustration. Yes, I have been incredibly busy. I have about 70 buyers contacting me each week. I find it difficult to provide the personal service that I would like to provide each of these individuals. Because of the volume of interest I am forced to focus on the few that are most likely to be approved by sellers, landlords, and franchisors. After reviewing your financials I don’t believe that you would be approved by the landlord and I do not want to waste your time or lead you to believe differently. I am sorry I did not communicate this to you more clearly. Also, I can assure you that I do not provide the names or contact information of prospective buyers to third parties. I will definitely contact you in the future should I find an opportunity that I think might be a good fit for you. now, Im no rocket scientist but I could tell that he is interested in the other 70 buyers but not me!! I showed enought financial ability to buy the business without a loan,but thats not the right what I wanted. 20% down is $30000 !! and this moron thinks I will not be approved without even checking my credit score and without getting my social security!! dont get me wrong,I will find someone else and may even buy the same business through someone else but I thought I let others know if they deal with this guy in the future

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