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Published: 28 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I wish to make a complaint. This complaint is directed against: Transworld network corp 255 pine ave. N Oldsmar, fl 34677 We are winter residents in benson, az for 5-6 months each year. On approximately oct 18, 2011, we contracted with Sulphur springs electric, who acts as the az agent for transworld network,Twn) which is one of the few internet Service providers Isp) available in the benson, az area. Twn provides, line of sight, internet service. Ssvec installed an antenna and a wifi router with associated wiring for us to connect to the internet. The twn contract stated that twn would supply a minimum of 1.5 mbps download speed, for the price level agreed of $40.95 per month. From the start, it was obvious that twn could not supply the contracted download speeds. We contacted twn after a short period of time to try and resolve the issue and we boosted the service level, to the next level. Again, within a short period af time, we realized that the isp could not deliver the internet speed promised. We reduced the service level back to the original level because the higher level did not help. We, like a lot of folks in rural az and in other parts of rural america, are caught in the isp dilemma. There is no alternatives, no competition, at anything like an affordable price available. We were, stuck with twn, we signed a 36 mo. Service contract. We did that so we wouldn’t be charged for equipment installation. Big mistake) we were assured at that time, that the contract with twn also had a service suspension provision. We needed that, as we are out of state, five to six months each year, as many of arizona’s "snowbirds" are. We were subsequently informed by twn, that these suspensions were only allowed for 3 months at a time and that a fee would be charged, for each suspended month, to keep us "current". We complained, but again, there was no alternative. We paid the "fee". Also at that time we were informed that each suspension of service period, even with the fee, automatically extended our contract for the length of the suspension. In essence, we would never be able to complete our original contract term of 36 mo. Ie, for every six months in az, that service time would be negated by the 5/6 months we would be out of state. Next, twn informed us, we could only suspend service for a three month period. If we were out of state for a longer period of time, we must pay full price for those months in excess of the 3 mo each year when we were still unable to use the service. But, here again, we had no alternative. We stopped using twn as of april 2015. We used and paid for the service from 10/11 till 4/15, a total of 42 months. For that, we received a total of six months credit toward our contract. At that same time we were had to pay for approximately nine months of service that we were unable to use, as we were not in az. All during this time of 42 months, we were always current in paying for the service. During this cancellation period, i had conversations with twn "customer service reps", in which i was assured that after 42 months of service and after the return of twn’s equipment there would be no cancellation charge. Yes, you guessed it, upon canceling service with twn in april 2015 and returning their equipment, i received a bill for approximately $350, which included the "cancellation" fee. That bill, as of 11/15, is now $400+ with late and other fees tacked on. In endeavoring to reach a resolution of this issue, i requested of twn copies of our account/billing history and any other communication between twn customer service and myself. The reason for requesting those copies is, as stated, i was informed by customer service that there would be no cancellation fee. To date, those requests have been and continue to be ignored, by twn. And yes, a few days ago, i received notice that the matter has been turned over to a collection agency. I would like to end in saying, that i have and continue to pay all my contracted obligations, all my bills and have always done so, for seventy+ years. I this case, with your partner/vendor twn, i truly believe, we have been lied to, wronged and scammed by this company, that, remember, never fulfilled their obligations to provide the internet service they said they would. This same company does not stand behind what their own representatives tell their own customers. This company, whose business practices are, i believe, are "predatory" at the minimum. This is a textbook case of "ripoff business practices" by this isp, your partner. I do not know whether this complaint will have any effect, but i am making it. I am also making this same complaint to the ftc, states attorney generals that are concerned, any associations of isps, better business bureaus and any other company review sites, that will get the word out. Sir/madame, in our case the $400+ does not present a terrible obstacle but to the next person here in the benson area who may be wronged by this company’s practices might not be so lucky. I write this complaint for them!

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