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Published: 03 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Do you know this guy?? Unfortunately, we found out more than we wanted to about Sonny Goldman. First of all that isn’t his name. We’ve spent a lot of time and some money thoroughly investigating Sonny and the travel package we just purchased. We will be demanding a refund for the reasons stated below. First of all, after doing Google searches under Travel Scams, we kept seeing references to a loud, bald guy who is from the Northeast. The more this guy was described the more it sounded like Sonny, our presenter at the DoubleTree. Someone finally tied the loose ends together and let everyone in on a secret. His real name isn’t Sonny Goldman, or Sonny Mancini, it’s Corie Willner. Do your own Google search of Corie Willner Travel and you will see the guy you know as Sonny. It looks like he has been all over the country working with various companies and under various names. Let’s review some of his lies we found out he told us at the DoubleTree in Claremont, plus lies we have discovered investigating Corie Willner: 1. SONNY SAYS: He got a call from his son that he’s coming back from serving in Afghanistan. FACT via Internet: It appears Sonny’s son has been coming back from Afghanistan for a LONG TIME! We found evidence of him telling these same lies going back to 2011! Another “”story”” (via internet) that he also tells is – 2.SONNY SAYS: He just found out he is about to become a Grandfather. FACT via Internet: Sonny is lying. The blogs say he has been saying that he just received the news about becoming a grandfather for the past two years, also in his canned speaches. 3. SONNY SAYS: He was on the NYPD Police Force for many years, and was wounded in the line of duty. FACT via Internet: This is total fabrication. The badge he likes to wear to impress people is a fake badge. (How can you trust a company selling you a travel package for $5,000 when their VP of Sales doesn’t go by his real name and wears a fake police badge?) 4. SONNY SAYS: He is VP of Sales for Travel The World, and he also listed all his accomplishments. FACT via Internet: He has been VP of every company he has worked for, and even listed as owner on one of the companies. I attempted to verify some of his claims, but was unable to find anything positive on him, under any of his alias’. Is he really anything other than a talented liar? 5. SONNY SAYS: Due to Travel the World’s partnership with RCI, they get to use meeting space at the DoubleTree and other major chain hotels for free. FACT via telephone call: We called the DoubleTree. This hotel don’t offer free meeting space. 6. SONNY SAYS: You will save big money on other travel besides condos. FACT via in person and telephone: The program we signed up for only saves money on (out of season) condos. From our investigating and talking to RCI, savings on things like cruises are minimal at best. 7. SONNY SAYS: “”Call me when you come to Vegas and I will take care of you.”” If you heard something like this I hope you got it in writing. FACT via internet: We read blogs where he’s promised trips to Vegas, etc. and members have gotten nothing! 8. SONNY SAYS: “”Call my cell phone if you need anything.”” FACT via Internet: Members repeatedly say months after they call Sonny or Corie…or a couple members called him Tony…that he suddenly stops answering their calls. Voicemails are NEVER returned and then the phone number is disconnected. What’s the old saying “”If his lips are moving he’s lying.”” I think that phrase was invented for Sonny/Corie. And he worked so hard trying to be sincere by touching me and being overly fake. When we returned home, we immediately started checking into Travel The World and Sonny Goldman. My husband and I normally take what we read in blogs with a grain of salt. But when you see the same thing over and over…as they say “”when there’s smoke there’s fire!”” The GOTCHA moment was when we looked up Corie Willner on Facebook and sure enough…Sonny’s picture appeared! If you have purchased from this guy, please verify what I have written and consider getting a refund before your 5 days runs out. Call for pricing on cruises, etc., and see if you save money. I personally cannot believe anything Sonny says at this point. I believe that RCI is an exchange company for timeshare properties and can possibly save you money on short term cruise specials (via internet only). It certainly isn’t worth the price Travel The World is charging for this “”membership””. If you receive an invitation to this presentation, consider going. Why not get your “”gift””, and knowing the above information, you will probably be entertained. Politely say NO at the end and go home. If this company doesn’t sell anything for a while but still has expenses, they won’t be in business very long, or they will move to a different location and change their names again. .

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