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Published: 07 August 2019

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Cybersecurity is an issue for everyone and businessmen; it’s a lot more to think about. Last year, phishing attacks, information breaches, and domain theft were emerging but for 2019, these issues have gained popularity. Different firms have evolved to save your business from cybercrimes but scams are everywhere. Many companies call them saviors of your business. In reality, some of them are equally responsible for your downfall. Traverse Legal PLC is an internet law organization that claims to protect you from different cyber issues like domain theft, trademark issues, internet defamation, and website agreement. It was established in 2004 and their office has branches in different regions in Michigan. Their idea seems unique and innovative as it involves legal matters incorporated with technology. In reality, they use the advanced nature of their field to defraud people and steal money from them. You cannot afford any wrong choices when it comes to legal matters. Make sure you do proper research, talk to your friends and family about it and then make your decision. With the rise in cybercrimes, every business wants to secure its legality, trademark, and domain. But have you ever thought about the result you will get if the law firm you chose is itself not good enough? You will regret your decision the entire life if you face any loss after taking all the necessary measures. Same issues have been reported by customers or business owners who did not do proper research and chose Traverse Legal PLC. They claim to be dedicated to meeting your goals and objectives by solving all the legal problems you might face. My friend, who runs a company faced cost issues with the firm. They say to be cost-effective but that’s not true. It is okay to charge high but it is unethical to make money under the name of service charges. The same situation was faced by my pal. He was asked to pay some charges for their services but these charges rose every day. My friend says that if he had paid this much money to his family lawyer, he would have been in profit by now. Another customer has posted a negative review about the lawyers and staff availability at Traverse Legal PLC. She states that she was a newbie and wanted to have her trademark registered. She consulted Traverse Legal PLC for this. At first, the staff was nice to her. After two to three meetings, she started observing rude tone and least involvement of the lawyer assigned to her. When she complained about it and asked for a refund, Traverse Legal PLC did not take any action and denied on refunding her fee. These are just two of the reviews against Traverse Legal PLC but if you search about it, you will find more such reviews. Legal issues are delicate and to handle them, you need professionals.

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