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Published: 11 October 2018

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RE: AUTHORIZATION TO USE MY CARD To Who It May Concern: On June 8th, 2014 I called a number in a New York travel guide that lists all the hotels, motels etc in every area of New York by county I spoke to Eric, who said he would check the hotels around Lake George, NY for availability as that was our final destination for the next day I asked Eric where he was from as the voice quality of the call was just crappy! Eric said he was from South America Eric came back with 2 rooms available at a Econolodge in Glens Falls, they were the last 2 rooms available according to him Eric asked me for my credit card to hold the rooms as he checked other hotels,no approval was given to Ericto put any charges against my card Eric came back with a dollar amount for the room which was a good deal, but we had difficulty in understanding his English, as he talked very quickly, at this point he told me he had put a charge through to my account for one room, which I told him I had not given him approval to do so Eric did not have a reason why he charged the room except that it was a good rate, I asked him to pull back the charge, he then said he had not put the charge through, at the same time I called Citizens to validate that the charge was not processed, Ericlied, the charge for the one room was indeed being processed I toldEricI was all done to with him, and I wanted his supervisor which began the longest call of my life as Eric’s supervisor was also named Eric I started calling this Eric, (Eric2) to separate the names,Eric2 didn’t see what the problem was, he stated he could not find my confirmation number, which I had in my possession XXXXXXXXXX, proving once moreEric and Eric2 were liars! No matter what I said Eric2 would say he saw no transactions going through on his end to my credit card, he stayed the course even when I told him I had validated the charge was processed through my bank! Frustrated with the antics of Eric and Eric 2 and the idioticanswers they were sticking with, as well as the repeated phrase of “we can’t see your transaction and I should just go ahead with the booking “, I asked Eric2 to get his manager on the line, or a floor manager, anyone higher on the food chain than him I know this will be hard to believe but yet another Eric got on the line, this would be Eric3 – you should know that Eric2 told me there was no manager available to chat with, it took me blasting him to get someone else to chat with me Now, it is virtually impossible to have 3 different people have the same name! I think they are all called Ericfor the our sake,as we don’t respond to names we can’t pronounce! Eric3 proved as useless as the others, I told him to reverse my charges, Eric3 said in this end of the business, they can only take payments,which meant the transaction that was processed can not be reversed by this customer service group I informed Eric3 that I would not be booking with this travel site as I found his practices deceptive and clearly not in compliance with our consumer regulations, I also told him that we were driving to the Econolodge he had found and would make our own reservation and booking, I then hung up!

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