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Published: 04 February 2018

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I was called in to Trek Auto by a guy named Dustin Valentni, I have no idea how they got my number or any of my information but I had been looking for a new car anyway so I was interested. he said he wanted to schedule me in for a test drive and had a few cars I could look it that ranged from used to new and that they all had low mileage and were in great shape. He said I just had to come in and look that I was not obligated to buy anything. I thought to myself that nothing could go that wrong so I went ahead and scheduled myself in to meet with him. When I got there everything was the complete opposite of what he said! All the cars were filthy and beat up and pratically falling apart from what they showed in the pictures! Dustin Valentni was also a complete JERK and was trying to hit on me the whole time. Just for your information im 18 years old and just graduated highschool he looked like he was almost 40! He was compltley pressuring me and started grabbing me by my waits and hips, I was terrfied. I told him to get off of me and the receptionist at the front just looked and laughed like this was something that happens all the time. Eventually Dustin ended up walking away because he had to take a call which he ended up screaming on the phone prob some other unhappy customer. He was screaming at some customer saying that they drov off the lot any problems the car has were on them and he didnt know that the car had engine problems when he sold it to them. As soon as Dustin Valentni got off the phone with that customer he immediatley started making jokes about it with the other customers saying “he couldnt believe how stupid his customers were that people would buy anything if you lie to them”. I was in shock I guess Dustin Valenti didnt know I was listening because when he came back to me he put back on his creepy smile and proceeded hitting on me. I had it with that I told him I was leaving and he said that I couldnt leave without testing driving a car. When I started walking away Dustin walked right in front of he exit and said that “you cant leave till you at least try one car” the receptinist then went over to my bad and grabbed it and said that she would be holding on to it till I went on a test drive. I didnt know what to do my phone, my wallet, my car keys everything was in that wallet and I was afraid that Justin Valentni and the guys at Trek Auto would hurt me if I didnt go with them on the test drive. So I proceeded to go for a ride with Dustin from Trek Auto in some beat up Nissan Pathfinder the car on the site listed it as having 20,000 miles and mint condition! I got in it and it actually had 60,000 miles on it both the heat and the air conditionng didnt work, and the smell of cigrattes lingered through out the whole car. It was so gross! We went around the block and when we came back to TREK AUTO I told Mr.Valentni DEMANDED that I buy the car. I was so scared i started crying I just wanted to get out of there. When I got back they had already made copies of my Credit card and made me sign imprints and a binding contract they sold it to me for $8,500 it was listed on the site for $5,000 he said that they had to add on extra costs for moving the car and repairs. I was so panicked that I just signed everythng and left! Is this what they do to all there customers Dustin Valentni and the guys at Trek Autos are pigs! Star far far away fom them they are con-artist and crooks and will do and say anything to take your money! They are money hungry and only after your pockets, they have no concern for there customers, I have contacted them all day today and they have yet to return my phone calls. .

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