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Published: 12 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This is an update to the previous reports about “ts air enterprises”. It should be noted that the company still operates literally exactly the same as “ts air”, but just under a different name. Just pointing this out to the general public, since i’m sure if you google “tri-state air” you’ll find no negative feedback about these positions. But you will if you google “ts air”. This is a common business practice by many companies who seek to move on from their previous reputation in the public Apartment complexes and neighborhoods do this all of the time so potential home buyers/renters shy away from neighborhoods with a bad reputation – drug-infested/crime-rife neighborhoods that has since changed their name to something else). Don’t believe me? Check out their website. It literally lists nothing about the job, product, or position, and simply hides behind layers of ambiguity and curiosity which impels potential job hunters to seek employment. You also will never find out the names of the owners It’s not listed on the website) unless you physically go to one of their “interviews”. Both owners are extremely intelligent and know how to really sell their product. It doesn’t list any employees, or the history of the actual company I should also mention that there’s a reason that they do “group interviews”. Its not only to gauge potential job interest; it’s also to sell the machine to potential future employees You). You may not realize it, but once you start working for the company, you will slowly start being encouraged to purchase the machine. You’re their main target audience. It’s actually kind of genius when you think about it: bring in 7-10 people and “demonstrate” the machine, and then have those 7-10 people “demonstrate it to 5 people each. 1/3 people buy the machine, so they have already crunched the numbers Kudos to owners for this tactic). Aka pyramid scheme of business. In fact, although the owners will never make you buy it, you are their main customers Why do you think they are always hiring? They are effectively always selling the machine to people they intentd to “hire”). You’ll be told Or will start to feel like) you really can’t “represent the company well” unless you actually own one. You’ll have to end up lying to people when they ask if you have one Unless of course you’re honest with them. Which is bad for sales).

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