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Published: 18 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Krishaun Gilmore is one of the owners of Tri State Used Auto Sales LLC. He contacted me after buying a vehicle from an auction and wanted a quote to transport a vehicle. I thought to myself, if he is a dealer then why don’t he have someone who he calls on a regular basis right? Usually dealers do but he said he did’nt which looking back was weird. I am a broker and in the auto transport industry we set up clients with drivers to transport their vehicle by giving the customer the correct cost and coordinating everything betweent the driver and the customer. I would get a $90 brokerage fee at the end of the transport which is paid with a credit card. Well Krishaun was afraid of getting scammed so did not want to us his card. I then told him well after the vehicle is picked up I would need the card becasue that is how you have to pay for my service. He pays the driver cash on delivery and the remaining balance is my fee for making this happen. Once the vehicle was picked up, I resent Krishaun the paperwork so he can put the card on there and I called him the night it was picked up and said the vehicle is picked up can you please submit the paperwork so we can take care of the $90. He said yes. I get in the office the next day and nothingt! I called the driver and they said they were delivering late after noon so I thought ok perfect I have plenty of time. I text and called him several times, not back to back but enough within 3-4 hours to be like what is going on, he’s not responding. He responded at around 1pm and said “I get back to the office around 3pm, will take of it then” 3pm came. NOTHING! Called text, still NOTHING! I then foound another number and it was of the Co-owner and he said he would take care of it and make sure it got done. NOTHING! Krishaun then text me that we are ******** for calling him and texting him when he said he would do it and that his time is more valuable then $90 and we are wasting it. He told me several times that he would do it and never did. I never cursed at him until he called us ******** and I still didnt curse him. In hine sight I beleive he knew exactly what he was doing and exactly how to get his transport cheaper. This is why he does not have his own on call person, it is because he rather not pay for the service because he knows he can get it cheaper which will benefit him. I can only imagine what he does to his employees and customers, how he rips them off!! By the way, I will remove this if he paid me but until then I hope people see this!

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