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Published: 19 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We continue to make every attempt to appease this customer at this time. However, through coercion this customer is attempting to challenge the company we represent and their third party credit card processing company to return his money after committing charge back fraud while he is in possession of a custom designed vehicle that was delivered in perfect working condition. When a customer like this knowingly binds a product and the business it represents to false statements like these in order to receive free products and then manipulates a system with harassment and threats, its costly to not only the business but also has an effect on the industry as a whole. This is the first incident of this nature that any of our retailers have encountered during the years we have been working with dealers and their customers, and currently this customer is in a pending dispute for resolution of these claims of which he is knowingly breaching his signed Customer Agreement, and committing libel and more seriously charge back fraud. CBS reports Visa estimates $11.8 billion was lost to charge back fraud from dishonest customers using their own credit cards in 2012. This type of fraud activity has grown by over 40& 37; in the last year, costing retailers an estimated $270 for every $100 according to dispute mitigation company, Chargebacks911. Representatives at both the customer’s bank and the company’s credit card processor, who removed the payment from the company’s account, require 90 days for a full investigation to transpire. At this time both investigative parties have found in favor of the company we represent that this customer has been provided with the quality vehicle that he ordered in good working condition. Currently it has been 30 days since this process had been initiated and it will be another 60 days before the payment is returned to the company. An independent 3rd party inspector/mechanic has fully evaluated this customer’s vehicle on site at the customer’s residence and has confirmed with photos, video and a full report to the company that the vehicle is in the customer’s possession in perfect working condition. The customer was assured that the company will honor the terms of the parts replacement policy provided that the vehicle is paid for in full and that the customer does not breach his Customer Agreement. To date, the company has not been paid for this vehicle that this customer is in possession of. Reports have been filed against this customer regarding libel and harassment as well as multiple accounts of verbal assault, and threatening language that have been made by this customer to the company and its representatives on an ongoing basis. This is a threat we take very seriously, as are the well being of our employees, dealers, and those we service on a daily basis. As a team we are united in the same goal and that is to always learn from any situation and then become a better organization because of it. Its extremely disheartening when a customer is in distress regardless of the circumstance, and as a team we work diligently to resolve all matters, and thoroughly monitor all calls to be sure all of our customers’ needs are met. The company works hard to provide quality products with quality service in an industry where many companies do not provide these things. Many of our dealers are independent family owned small businesses, and our customers are proud owners of a vehicle that has changed their lives. At this time, due to this customer’s breach of contract, and retraction of payment, all further actions have been presented to the proper representatives and authorities. We will continue to do all we can to work with this customer in support of our dealers through the advised channels. For more information on charge back fraud that is now on the rise, and how it effects business owners please visit:

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