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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Since my childhood, I had always been really attached to my dog. My father gifted me a dog on my 12th birthday. He was only a puppy then. I remember how I took an oath that I would never let anything happen to him. I literally spent most of my childhood playing with him but as we all know, part of the journey is the end. The end came for my dog too. He passed away and nothing felt meaningful to me anymore. I could not concentrate on anything. I could not sleep properly. I had put on weight and developed unending stress. To fix my broken self, I even joined a gym but it seemed to create no difference. I realized that it was not my physical self that needed healing but it was my mental self. I decided to sign up for yoga as it seemed like the only logical option at that time. I looked for Yoga Centers near me and found Tribal Yoga. I did not hesitate and joined Tribal Yoga.
I opted for the ’10 Class Pass’. I submitted in all the official paperwork required. On the very first day, we were introduced to our instructor. She seemed nice. All of us shared our reasons for joining Tribal Yoga including me. It was really hard opening up to strange people but I did as I knew that pain should not be kept in, not in a place where you have come to heal. The first class ended after we were told about how Yoga is important and how it improves the lives of people. The first day ended and it felt nice. I did not know then that my opening up would come to bite me in the back.
In the second class, I went in a little late and for that, I was made to stand outside for fifteen minutes. While I was standing outside, repenting, I asked a staff member for a glass of water as I was really thirsty. Instead of saying she would ask someone else to bring it, she said she is too busy to bring ‘a random person a glass of water’. I was let into the class after fifteen minutes. While performing an Asana, I was facing some problems and so I asked the instructor to help me. She refused blatantly by saying that she will not explain the thing a hundred times.
The next class when I went in, I had a disagreement with the instructor regarding a topic and in the heat of the moment, she brought up the death of my beloved dog to show how helplessly miserable I was. I could not take it anymore and I stormed out of there. I could not believe how a person could do that to another. I confided in her and all she did was stab me in front of the whole class.
It only took me a few classes to realize that Tribal Yoga was only making me more miserable than I already was. They did not even refund my money even when I sent an application to the authority asking for it.
I would not recommend this place to anyone unless someone wants to lose every bit of respect they have for themselves.

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