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Published: 01 March 2019

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I purchased Just Karaoke 2.0 from Tricerasoft. The first time I tried the subscription my daughter accidentally clicked on the monthly subscription instead of the Daily one. The charge went through 3 times. Tricerasoft caught the mistake and sent me an email saying that they reversed the charges assuming that it was a mistake and I did not mean to purchase 3 subscriptions. When my daughter clicked on the daily subscription that charge also went through three times for the same day. If course I didn’t realize that I was charged three times until I got my credit card bill. I created a service ticket with tricerasoft letting them know I was charged three times. At that point I assumed my daughter must have accidentally clicked the subscription three times so I said in my description to tricerasoft that it was a mistake and I asked for a refund. I received a response from tricerasoft that they cannot access individual transactions but would provide a house credit toward either additional days or something else of the same value. Based on this I assumed that I would not be charged the next time I subscribe since I have a credit. That did not happen in fact a month later when I subscribed again I was charged twice. This time I was the one that clicked the subscription button and I remember being very careful to only click once given that twice before it triple-charged me. When I saw the charge on my credit card statement I called tricerasoft and after leaving a message asking for a call back I finally got to speak to a human being. I gave him the story and he informed me that tricerasoft does not process refunds. He said it says so on the subscription confirmation (which is true) and that they don’t even have a mechanism to process a refund. I told him that in that case my only recourse is to dispute the charge with my credit card company. He agreed. So I proceeded to dispute 3 of the total 5 charges on my credit card for daily subscriptions. Another three weeks later I tried purchasing a song and I was declined. Out of curiosity I also tried clicking on the subscription and that too was declined. I opened another customer service ticket with tricerasoft explaining the issue and asking them to fix the glitch that’s double/triple charging me and to reinstate my account since I cannot use the software I purchased if they don’t reinstate my account. I stated in my email that I would like to keep using the software and find a solution to the issue. I received the following response verbatim : there is no glitch, it meant you clicked too many times and were not patient and we would never have told you to disrepute. Each dispute costs us $15, so if you disputed any of them then you are permanently blocked. Add your own songs to the program or obtain from a different provider. At this point I tried calling tricerasoft. Their customer service basically never picks up the phone. You have to leave a message and then they decide whether or not to call you back. I left 3 messages and received zero call-backs. They state on their website and on the automated phone line that they will only respond to customer service requests if there’s an online ticket created so I created a ticket again stating that I received an extremely rude customer service response and asking them to review my customer service history. I received the following response : When you first explained to us that you clicked many times, we voided your transactions without question and you were not charged yet later you performed chargebacks on the legitimate transactions and that was excessive and we were not rude, infact we let it go and let you purchase again. But when you then proceeded again subscription time by clicking many times again, you again blamed us for this and did not allow us to even communicate and followed AGAIN with unwarranted chargebacks which cost us excessive fees reaching over $250 in damages. So you will excuse me when I stand on our decision to block your service as you are a liability and we not interested to hear what you think about the service since we now have the right to refuse you services, you performed fraud and we are not interested to let it continue. The bottom line on this product is this: 1. Their customer service is beyond terrible: it’s nonexistent. So if you have a problem then forget anyone helping you. There’s no way to talk to a human being unless they want to call you back (I only received one call-back in the beginning of the process after that nothing. 2. There really is a glitch that charges you multiple times for subscriptions. I’m not a stupid person and I know for a fact that the last attempt I made at subscribing I only clicked once and still was double-charged. 3. They state upfront that they will not issue any refunds for the software. For subscriptions they state that in the confirmation email but by that time you were already charged so too bad for you. 4. CDGs are supposed to work with Just Karaoke but in windows 8.0 they don’t. I have a friend who is a kj and she could add songs from CDGs but she wasn’t using windows 8.0. 5. Their song selection is OK but not great. 6. Other than these issues the software works well! .

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