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Published: 27 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

First off if you ask Dave “Dane” about this report he will say oh it’s a crazy disgruntled employee or a woman scored but listen to your instinct and let his actions speak for themselves. His 1st action is to promise you a chance to make millions “your ship has come in”. He recruits people to find deals for him with people that are willing to pay $25,000 due diligence fees. He will not sign anything for you as to that agreement. You bring him deals and he tells that person seeking funds that he is summa cum laude. Yet ask him to see a copy of it, he will say yes and never deliver. He will give you a fast closing date for your deal but when the time comes he will be missing in action and if you push him on it he will say that you do not push people making the million dollar deals and it makes you look like an amateur when the truth is there is no deal. He takes the cash and can turn it down for ANY reason with no refund. Keep in mind. He has not signed a thing for you. Buyer beware. Dave Musk is hiding his identity and calling himself Dane Musk now. Since reading Ripoff I discovered that the name change was about the same time that he was/is criminally charged by the FBI. Plus if you google Dane Musk this stuff does not show but it does under Dave Musk. This is why I feel the need to get it out under Dane Musk too. Originally, He contacted me claiming to be a fellow Beneficial Finance employee. He asked me to work with him stating that he is legitimate and claimed that he has been written up in magazines to prove it. I was not able to obtain proof of the existing magazines only articles that he faxed to me. After doing research on him I found many red flags. Yes, he did have a brooker license at one time but it is expired over 2 years ago. His website has also been shut down. I was able to look up his address on the county website but when he cammed me the inside of his home it was bare, like he was squatting. He place may be empty because he is on the run from the FBI. I do not know. He is now collecting $25k “due diligence” fees in behalf of a company called Trilateral He sent me a list of the investors. I was only able to verify the name of one person and they are only a contractor. I was not able to find a single deal that they did and when I research the business I discovered that the website is new. I asked him for references and he made the excuse that their deals were private. Legitimate companies show example deals. And there are magazine write ups. Not only could I Not find any write ups. I could not even find a local newspaper write up on Dave. If he is the go-getter that he claims there would be articles…. even advice columns or blogs… he has nothing. He claimed to be able to turn funds around for investments in a matter of days but when I sent him a deal he kept stalling. I was in contact by other people that have also sent him deals and he was not able to show a single closing. He wanted me to visit him and said that he would pay for a visa but when the time came he was missing in action. Again he offered me some funding to start my business but again after I shared sensitive information with him he said oh no, I would never do a website deal. He knew that it was a website deal before I shared my information. He came up short time and time again. He also refuses to sign NDNC agreements and his phone, fax number and e-mail addresses are often changing. He claims that he is in Madeira Portugal for several months out of the year but would not show me his view from his window and he is in none of the photographs that he claims of places that he has visited in the UK. His UK time is still the same as his USA time. Hmmmmm? He has sent me forwarded e-mails of funds that he claims that he has received but when I examined the header of the e-mails they were not forwarded. He has several different cell phone numbers and is always in fear that people will find him, claiming that when he is not able to fund someone they get mad. That people are out to get him. (Well, no wonder). On a side note. He claims to have an IQ of 164 but his vocabulary is very crude, even offensive at times. There are many more lies but they are in more of a personal nature. Speaking of which, I have promises of his in e-mails or IMs that he has sent. If you are an attorney please contact me. He offered me $100k on one thing and $250k on another project. Again, empty promises and it is your fault, not his. Look deeper David “Dane” Musk is a fake. .

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