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Published: 24 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The first report on Trios Toronto is absolutely accurate. I concur. Trios Scarborough at least gives a superior IT eductation and the staff is a world apart, on the plus side. The staff member which dissented must do so because he is employed by Trios and gains a whopping salary from $18,000 yearly tuitions, or so. He has nothing to say. The books cost $100 each, but the book fees are $1500 for each 6 books. You will also be interrupted in class by non-educational matters, and your fees will pay for numerous social eating parties. You will not be able to read the overhead from the 3rd row. The teacher will trolley in your old computer every day from another room (after you request it) because there aren’t enough. An alternative would be to try one’s luck at the competition, for the same fees. There is another option, now that I know the scope of the material and status: take each course separately in Ryerson evening courses. They cost $1500 or so per course, per semester. You’ll come out at half the cost. You’ll have to self-study and self-motivate, juggle multiple courses at once to get through in the same time, and then contact a company for the certifications. And there are certain modules which require hands on lab instruction. I’m not sure about those. They could easily be taken from a private college if necessary. A lot of the material can be learnt from a book and lectures. There are courses online teaching the same thing. Only certain sections would need more instructor input, but these days even online courses give videos you can see, materials you can access, and step by step instruction. I would definitely recommend consulting with someone who knows every course needed and do that.

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