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Published: 08 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Scott Karosa has lost every license he has ever attained due to Criminal fraud. Insurance, securities, realestate. He has so many complaint and so many lost legal cases (all available on the internet) he has nothing to do all day but try to figure out how to try to take people down who are happy and successful simply because he isnt and never has been! Now because he has no licenses he has nothing to do so he is “selling women” to his associates for the evening! He has no friends so he goes to the parties of friends of past associates, people who no longer want him around. He smells like he hasn’t bathed in days and the proprietors of the establishments he sneeks into, in order to not pay, do not want him there…As a matter of fact last time he visited a particular establishment two of the men there escorted him out rather roughly while he cried like a baby!! He was also 86’d from the M Hotel, “a friend told me” for Man Handling the hostess!! He squeezed her neck so hard when his dinner reservation was not moving along as fast as he thought it should for him, that it almost brought the young lady to her knees! Scott Karosa thinks he can say or wrie lies about people and then black mail them to apologize to him or he will continue! Really? LOL Only thing is no one cares as Scott Karosive has ZERO credability! And yet we shoud feel badly for this man…My friend said he was rapped by his cold English mother at a very young age and that is the reason he can not have a normal relationship with any women. I wish someone would tell him that being gay is accepted and he need not go to great lengths to hide that anymore! He once told my friend that he would take a bottle of cheap champagne to his mothers home every Thanksgiving only to find that she just put them in her cupboard never to open them because she knew the gift was all about him showing off and not about caring for her! His brother Warren and sister have also been swindled by him and want nothing to do with him. And my friend said if he see him at another of her functions she will proclaim his criminal fraud on a microphone and is soooo not the least bit concerned about his impotance in retalliation. Scott Karosa needs to get off of the cocaine at his age…It is really ageing him and making him take the kind of business risks that are costing him his licenses and legal problems! Scott get help it is pathetic!

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