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Published: 11 September 2019

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Do not do business with this company I began to work with manufacturing and fulfilment comapny, Tropical Products and Ed Berman in July of 2014. He gave me the list of my ingredients that did not include glycerin, among other things, per my company’s instruction to him for our products. He had instructed me to have the sales rep for the flavor company to call him to discuss my ingredients and collaborate with the proper sweetener and other ingredients to make the product work. I had suspicions when the flavor rep and Mr. Berman would not answer my questions in regards to their conversation. Mr. Berman comes off as so honest, so caring, so nice and so helpful, however I did notice he gave a bit too much information about other products he was producing for other companies. I shipped him the flavors to add to the ingredients for testing. It took 8 weeks to get the complete flavors to him. He had held our products until ready for testing. 3 months later we tell him we are ready. He asks me to send him all confidential information to begin formulation. 5 days later he tells us that he is selling his company, but staying on another year and that they will no longer be producing this product because of the strict FDA regulations coming forth. I already told him of these changes 4 months prior and that our company was to undergo the testing. However, the FDA will not be making these changes if the product does not make claims. Ed Berman so gently and nicely said that he will be happy to send my flavors back to my company. It is written in our NDA that this is our company’s property and he is to return the flavors. BUT, after 30 phone calls and emails to ask for the return our property, he refused to answer. He refused to return our property. 1 month ago, I spoke with the secretary who asked for my email and that she would find the answer for me that day. I sent her my email while we were on the phone to make sure she had it. She said she received it, relayed me email address back to me and we hung up. She never responded. Why? We found out through the flavor company that his discussion with the flavor rep was to put glycerin in my flavors so Mr. Berman would not be responsible for the glycerin in the base ingredients. I had already prior to this forwarded to the lab technician the base ingredients that Mr. Berman and our company discussed and he forwarded to me. The flavor company was confused as to why they sent the products with glycerin. Now we know. The flavor rep is gone and this report has been written. Now the flavors have been produced properly without sinister acts from a sinister man and company. .

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