Troy S. Watson, MD

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Dr. Troy made my son a drug addict.

He overprescribed him with steroids and my son, who was just 16 at the time is now addicted to them. Dr. Troy is a fiend. He doesn’t feel any remorse or guilt towards his inconsiderate actions. I wonder how he goes to sleep at night. He doesn’t have a heart. I had taken my son to him because he had got his ankle injured and Dr. Troy is an expert in the same field. He has a great reputation online and offline, which I believe is made up, but because of that reputation, I thought he was the right doctor for my son’s treatment. He told us that it was a minor injury but it had led to some damage to his nerves so he’d need to take the prescribed drugs for some time. He told us that the pills will help him in recovery. That rascal was lying to us. My son didn’t need to take those pills, at least not for months. He was making my son take those medications 5 times a day. 5 freaking times! That’s a lot for a teenager. Soon he began to rely on them. Moreover, Dr. Troy enabled this behavior. I’m pretty sure that he is tied up with the pharmacists in the area because I had a doubt he was overprescribing everything. My son got so much sick after 6-7 months of his treatment that I had to take him to another doctor. And there, I found out that my boy was addicted to steroids. He was taking them daily 4-5 times and Dr. Troy was prescribing them. The doctors at the hospital were really helpful. They not only found the source of the problem but also guided me. They told me that my son had developed a strong addiction to certain prescription drugs. I can’t explain how horrible I felt at that time. I was responsible for my son’s condition at that time. If I hadn’t taken him to Dr. Troy in the first place, he wouldn’t have to face such dire conditions. Doctors also told me that MY SON COULD HAVE DIED!

I went to Troy’s clinic to confront the bastard. He told me that he was only performing his duty. Then he started saying bad things about my son like ‘he must be dealing drugs’ or ‘he is not too honest himself’. I couldn’t handle that. My son wasn’t able to walk properly for 6 weeks, he doesn’t have many friends, at least he doesn’t have any shady friends and this guy claimed that my boy was dealing drugs. Think whatever you want to of this guy but for me, he is a vicious criminal. I could’ve lost my son because of Troy. I don’t think it is okay for anyone to trust this bastard. My son is recovering from all that horrible stuff. He is getting better and I am sure that he will recover completely. Just don’t make the mistake I made. Avoid Dr. Troy.

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