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Published: 17 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Today I looked over my checking account and was appalled. I purchased two products from True Cleanse on 8/25/14, expecting to be charged 4.95 and 4.96, plus 1.99 shipping. I was charged 89.95 on 9/8/14 and was charged 88.98 on 9/9/14 because I missed the 14-day return time before being charged the whole amount. (I know, read the small print!) Then I was charged 94.90 on 9/23/14 and 93.94 on 9/25/14. Did I mention I was charged $379.67 in 30 days? To make matters more difficult, the name on the charges to my account do not match the True Cleanse name so I had to do some research to find out who is charging me all this money, then get their phone number. The charges to my checking account were made by ‘NATURALFITNESSONLIN / 2150 SOUTH 1300 EAST S’. No city, state, zip code, or phone number. I checked the hard copy from my bank and it had no additional information. To make matters worse, when you do call, you have to listen to a ridiculous sales pitch in order to cancel the account. I just wanted to stop the charges and know my options for returning the product. It is not that simple. They would not let me cancel the order without listening to further sales information and answering a bunch of questions. Ludicrous! You cannot return the first shipment unless you do it in 14 days or less. If you actually have the nerve to return the second shipment of each item, you have to call back in 2 days to get an “RMA” number so you can ship it back. Evidently it takes 2 days for the phone operator people to ‘get the number from corporate’. They may be a different section of the same company, (which I suspect), or a third part group. One of the operators I spoke with stated that they were a ‘separate entity’. After you receive the RMA number, you can send the items back (each separately). Yes, you are responsible for shipping both ways as well as a ‘restocking fee’. No, we are not done. After sending the items back you can track the items as they are received and restocked by True Cleanse. When that is accomplished (approximately 2 weeks), you have to call a third time to get what little reimbursement you have coming to you and to finally cancel your order. Really. There are three options (as near as I can tell). You can cancel your subscription and keep everything. You can make three separate phone calls over the course of several weeks, take a trip to the post office, track the process online, and hope you are satisfied with the results. I was given a third option. I cancelled my prescription today, and they will ‘refund half the cost of the product’ in the second shipping. I was told the money would show up in my account in 30 or so minutes. I am still waiting. This is enough to have me swear off any online purchases (ok, except eBay and Amazon). BTW, The return location is 7454 South Airport Road, Suite A, West Jordan, UT 84084. Do a search on this address and you will come up with several different websites and company names. .

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