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Published: 28 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Do not pay this guy for anything! Here is my experience with him and his website, On May 6th, 2013, I paid for a streaming per-view (rental) of the American Ghost Hunter movie at the cost of $16.99. I thought is was interesting or entertaining to say the least. I then saw that Chad Calek had his own “channel” on his site where he sold access to other shows and offered two subscription channels, season one and season two. I wanted to see Chad’s other movies and found that the season one fit the bill as it had the most number of movies. Season one had the AGH movie as well as well as a bunch of other interesting looking movies. It was SUPER pricey (99.99), but after I watched the AGH movie (16.99) I thought, “what the hell” and purchased the season one subscription on May 6th, 2013. The subscription was suppose to include the AGH movie too. So I began to watch some of the content. It was a series of VERY short films; definitely not worth the 99.99 I paid. I watched MOST of the movies within a few hours time and was quite disappointed, but I moved on. I was under the impression that other movies/content would be added to the subscription at a later time. Two weeks later, I wanted to watch some of the shows again, so I logged in and noticed the AGH movie was no longer available to me. Also, the menu of shows in season one subscription had changed! I e-mailed support and never received a reply. Two more weeks later, I tried to login to the AGH site and it wouldn’t accept my login/password. I double checked my e-mail that contained my login and password and tried again and again to no avail. I e-mailed the support e-mail address and received no assistance. I have been ignored. AGH Television deleted my account. So a year later, I still cannot access the content I purchased nearly a year ago. Now, I noticed that they put up on their website that subscriptions were only good for 1 year! I’ve been bamboozled! Many of you would agree that 99.99 is A LOT of money to pay for a bunch of amateurish short films. I e-mailed the support e-mail address ((email address removed by admin) as well as others) several times more, and I still don’t have access. I spent $112.98 altogether for a total of 140 minutes of paranormal BS, not including the 16.99 for the AGH film. How many movies can you buy/rent AND “own”, from iTunes for 112.98? Do the math, DO NOT buy into Chad Calek, AGH, or True Player Entertainment. This company and man is SUPER shady. You WILL regret it!

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