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They don’t give results. They make false claims.

Only contact TruStem Cell Therapy clinic if you want to lose money! They falsely advertise their services and think that it’s okay to scam people. They took $15000 and gave me no results.

Unless you’re a millionaire, I wouldn’t suggest availing the services of these guys. They are scammers. They show you some improvements at first, which I’ve begun to think is more of a placebo effect, and then you get a useless treatment which doesn’t do anything. They are falsely advertising their services and that’s why I’m 100% sure that they are fraudsters. They are medical criminals who claim to treat a ton of conditions. But in reality, they can’t treat anything. They are vicious, selfish and greedy. And for a medical establishment, I don’t think those qualities are okay. I think it’d be much better if you’d avoid this place altogether.

They’ve published fake reviews, fake testimonials, and too positive ads so they can attract patients. I know that because that’s how they got me. I have MS and it has been a big drawback of my life. I can’t move around properly and if I forget to take my medication, things would get really unbearable. I can’t explain my agony. Then one day, I came across these guys on Facebook. They were advertising their services with a patient’s review. I looked them up and I was impressed to see their multiple positive reviews. For some moments I was convinced that these people can treat my condition. I was so convinced that I booked an appointment there. When I got my first treatment I felt a lot better at first. Then, the benefits vanished after a few weeks. The treatment had cost me $7500 at the time. When I contacted them, they told me that my condition must\’ve been pretty bad and that I should go back to them and get another treatment. Foolishly, I went to those guys again and got the treatment. And like the last time, the improvements weren’t significant. I realized that these people were just trying to take advantage of me. They didn’t care about my condition or my health. They had already taken $15,000 from me and they were planning on taking more. You should stay away from these scammers. They are lying through their ads and their patients\’ testimonials. They have no expertise in this field. All they do is claim! They can’t treat anyone.

I stopped going to these guys when I realized I wasn’t seeing any improvements in my condition even after getting 2 stem cell treatments within 6 months. Stem cell treatments last longer! But how could their treatments last long because they aren’t treating anything in the first place! They are just joking around and fooling people through fake testimonials and reviews. I wouldn’t recommend TruStem Cell Therapy Center to anyone in any case. They claim to treat MS and many other diseases but they can’t treat sh*t. Avoid these thieves please, for your own sake.

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