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Published: 03 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Back in Dec. of 2012 during my companies health open enrollment, I was made aware of a new benefit available to my family. It is was called “Critical Illness/Cancer Insurance and was provided atadditional cost. I thought it would be a great idea to have, especially since back in 2009/10 I had a type of cancer already. Concerned since I had a prior occurence I called to confirm that I would remain eligible. I was assured by their sales staff that this was open enrollment and I would be covered as long as I did not have a reoccurance of the same type of cancer. I signed up. Little did I know that in June of 2013 I would discover I had an unknown health issue. Upon going to the emergency room and further testing t was discovered I had cancer of the Esophagus and treatment was begun. I contacted Trustmark and was again assured as long as it was a different cancer it would not be classified as a pre-existing condition. My docter even explicidly in his statement stated that the 1st had nothing to do with the other. After considerable time it made it way through their medical and was sent to their legal and was denied due to supposidly being a pre-existing condition. My wife and I felt crushed after having been misled and flat out lied to multiple times. we even had a concerned 3rd party call and talk to their sales and give our exact scenario and was told no problem you will be covered. So we called back to the people that are responsible for paying out benefit and told them what we had been told by sales. They said that was a different department and they had no responsibility for what the other had said. I say that at the least is unethical if not ILLEGAL. I was told I could file an appeal, which has been done and essentualy says the same as above and was faxed and received on the 25th of Sept. followed up this morning 9/27 and left message and as of 9:51 central have yet to receive a response. On a personal level, my wife is disabled and therefore unable to work. we have a full compliment of doctors and prescriptions with her already. Now I am unable to work during my treatment and doing my best to pay my bills even though a company I had counted on has left me high and dry with no apology. I may not win my appeal, and this may not help either but if 1 other person is able to avoid this company and unnescessary expense it will be worth it.

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