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Published: 30 January 2018

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We hired these guys to do security for our bar in downtown for an event that we were throwing. They had shown up a few months prior to talk to me about doing our security for us and training our existing bouncers on how to handle some of the more aggressive customers. Admitedly, we were having a problem with some of our customers getting drunk and inciting near riots that even our toughest security guys were having a problem containing. Now, at first glance, these guys are clean cut, well spoken, and their qualifications were impressive to say the least. One was high ranking and certified in Krav Maga, did some tours in the armed forces yadda yadda and the other had spent some time in Peru and Colombia training “private guards to very important figures there” on tactical and hand to hand combat. Impressive and not typical qualifications for security or bouncers. We ran through a few scenarios with our head of security who had seen everything under the sun for the past 15 years and even they felt comfortable enough with these guys to let them handle our event, we paid them half of their fee up front, $1,500, and the other half was to be paid after the event, which was also to include $250 per “serious incident” that they would have to “handle”. WE HAD NO IDEA WHAT WE WERE IN FOR!! First, we had an incident at the door, where a guy and his buddies were harassing a girl that one of them used to date. The door man radio’ed these guys to “defuse” the situation. Unfortunately, their idea of defusing the situation consisted of identifying the guy who was talking the loudest and walking over to him and pinning him to the wall with his palm flat on the wall, while the other one punched the back of his hand repeatedly with a leaded glove breaking the guys hand into an unrecognizable pulp, not to mention my wall. WHO THE F*** DOES THAT?!?! They claimed that the situation would have escalated and they considered it a “yellow alert situation”. WHAT? Later that night, we were informed that someone was drunk and getting violent with customers in the bathroom trying to fight them while they were urinating. The guy wouldn’t respond to our bouncer, so doing his job, the bouncer radio’ed these guys over to do their job, since they were hired to take care of “serious incidents”. We didn’t want to risk the liability of someone getting stabbed, and these guys were not only paid, but trained to handle this sort of thing. They clear everyone out of the bathroom and instead of trying to talk to the guy, they immediately pulled out a tazer as their first resort and proceed to tazer the guy until he stopped screaming. The screams were horrific. In fact, one of our bouncers tried to come in the bathroom to check on the situation and was threatened with being beaten himself. There was near complete silence for around 20 seconds and then suddenly you hear the sound of boots thudding soft tissue. They aparently proceeded to stomp and kick this guy in his privates until he threw up all over the bathroom. Then they both pee’d on him and didn’t tell my guys before sending them in there to escort the man out. My guys had piss and vomit all over them. HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL. After this inceident, we sent these guys on their way, but they wouldn’t leave saying that we hadn’t paid them for not only the rest that we owed them but an extra $500 for the two “Serious incidents” that THEY CREATED! Then they had the nerve to say that we owed them an additional $500 for terminating their contract early! WTF! After some very threatening words, they leave, only to come back with 4 tattoed lowlifes, Russian mafia types, the kind its better to not deal with. In the end, we settled on paying them to avoid ongoing complications and we haven’t heard from these guys or their cronies since. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH T&T PROTECTION! THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

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