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Published: 30 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

It all started when I had to set up service when I moved into my new apartment. I put in a request to set up service, and received a confirmation email. The confirmation email informed me there would be a $100 deposit plus another $22 setup fee. This deposit would be divided up into equal parts over the next 4 billing cycles. I later sent an email through the website requesting that the whole thing be put onto my first bill. It seemed absolutely ludicrous that my bill be $25 higher a month for 1/3 of a year. The really messed up part happened when I called them later to confirm they had my correct service address. While I was waiting for eternity to speak to a representative, the automated system informed me that I had a $124 credit from when I had service 5 years ago before doing a tour in the military. I thought oh cool, I have a credit, and that should take care of those initial ridiculous fees. Then fast forward to a few days later when my first bill came. The total due on July 15 was for $169 (only $42 was from actual electricity use.) With the credit I supposedly had, the total amount due should have been around $45. I called TEP up that day to ask them what was going on. The representative informed me that the money was already sent in the form of a check after I disconnected my services 5 years ago. I did remember getting a check from them. If they did return the money 5 years ago, that’s fine. But don’t tell me I have a credit when I don’t! The other issue I have is why I even had to pay a deposit in the first place. I have excellent credit and have never been behind on my bills, and I’m quite certain TEP saw this when they ran a hard inquiry on my credit. I haven’t had to pay deposits like these when I set up internet service or phone service. This is just some gimmick TEP uses to suck money out of customers’ wallets. I don’t make very much money and work very hard for what I bring in. How convenient for TEP that they are a utility company and have a total monopoly on electric services. I am aware of a scheme that they have in place to charge people money who opt in to using solar power, because this siphons away at their business. The only other type of business I am aware of that operates in this manner are drug cartels! .

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