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Published: 14 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I bought a 2003 chevy silverado 1500 used as is from tulalip motorsports being led to believe it was a great vehicle. They showed me a website stating this truck and its shape is rated 12 out of 10 on a scale of 10. I checked it out very thoroughly at the dealer but could not find anything wrong they had already changed all the fluids so they all looked new and clean so I bought the truck. I drove the truck the next day and all of a sudden the check engine light came on also with the transmission slipping horribly. I called them and they said well you bought as is. I was unhappy with that response and then talked to the owner aaron who told me to bring it to them to see what they could do. Then I was called and told they did a transmission flush but it didn’t fix it so i needed a transmission. They said I could pay to have them fix it . Even if it was a discounted rate I felt scammed and wasnt about to hand them more money. I went and got the truck back and saw that I gave them a half a tank of gas it was parked across the street with an empty tank of gas. Overlyfrustrated with this deal I went and had a heated duscussion with the owner who was an absaloute jerk and wasnt going to do a thing to make this right. Seeing the truck on empty with 200 miles more than when I brought it to them he lied right to my face saying they only drove it around the block.. The third day ive gotten to drive it, today my carpool didnt wake up so I had to drive into seattle myself. On my way home frome work I was doing 60 with the cruise control on and it started slowing down I thought it was the transmission not wanting to shift so hit the gas a little to accelerate . When it wouldn’t I looked down and the rpms were barely at idle and then died. I was now stranded on the side of the road and had to call a tow truck $150 and had it towed to the nearest chevy dealer where its waitng diagnosis $240 and now I owe $10500 on a vehicle I honestly wont be able too afford to fix and now am left without transportation. They said theyd pay 1/2 of the price of parts and then $50 per hour for labor to fix problems that would be obviously present when they got the truck and changed the fluids and saw what came out or when they had to plug the computer repeatedly in to turn off the check engine light with was set off by the knock sensor. All of this happened in less than 300 miles of driving. They did a good job of covering up the issues just enough to sell it which is FRAUD or thier incompetent and missed or ignored blatantly obvious issues with the vehicle. Upon doing my research on the dealership reviews (a little too late) come to find out they havev a F with the better business bureau and have found several reviews of this same sort of thing happened to them. Thats ridiculous that a dealer can do that to customers bought as is or not. Something needs to be done so they cant screw the next customer.

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