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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My grandmother recently complained to me about her bad toothache and how she was not being able to eat anything as it hurt her every time she put food into her mouth, it started aching badly. I did not want to delay taking her to a proper clinic and getting her teeth checked. After looking for clinics online, I saw the name of Tuth Dental and after looking at their website, I decided to take my grandmother there. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Taline Aghajanian. I did not want to delay any further and so I scheduled the appointment on the nearest date available.
I went to Tuth Dental for almost half an hour before the scheduled time. All the seats were filled in the waiting room were filled up. I asked the receptionist to arrange an extra chair so that my grandmother could at least as I did not mind standing. Even simply looked at me and nodded. Ten minutes passed and there was no sign of the extra chair that I had requested for. A gentleman offered us his seat and I told my grandmother to sit. We had to wait for almost an extra forty-five minutes before we were called in.
While my grandma told the doctor about her problem, the doctor did not pay attention to her as she was busy on her phone. I had to repeat to make the doctor listen. After checking my grandmother’s teeth, she told us that it would need cleaning as a layer of the plaque was formed. She told us that we should come after a week to get her teeth cleaned. Before going back, I asked her if she needs to apply something or have some medicines, then she grabbed her pad and wrote the name of toothpaste and mouthwash and then gave it to me. How could she not remember?
After a week, we came back to the clinic for the procedure. The doctor told us that she would be using an Ultrasonic scaler to do the cleaning. She called in her assistant and started the procedure as I stood there watching. The doctor used an anesthetic to numb the areas. The anesthesia was not so strong as my grandma told me that she could feel the scaler on her teeth while it was being done. Because of this, my grandma felt uneasy and started fidgeting a bit. The assistant was ordered by the doctor to hold grandma. It was apparent that my grandma was uneasy because of being held tightly. Soon the process was over. When I checked whether it was done properly or not, I saw there was still some yellowness left. The doctor told me that it was the best that she could do. She wrote some medicines for the sensitivity and said that it would fade after a few days.
Even after two weeks, the pain was still there and when I tried calling the doctor, at first she did not pick up and then I got blocked. This is not how a patient should be treated. A patient’s need should be put first and foremost.

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