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Don’t trust their positive reviews! They are all lies

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Published: 16 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

A place where you can ruin your holidays. It is an amusement park where children come to enjoy rides. This place is built for wasting money and time. Don’t even trust people\’s reviews. All reviews are fake. There is a big difference between what people said about it and what it is. Now I will tell u the real and bitter truth. I saw good reviews about this place on the internet so I decided to visit here. I took a holiday from my office and took my nephew to go there. My nephew was very excited about it. I was happy to see the excitement on my nephew’s face. We parked our car in the parking area and entered the park. My nephew was crazy when he saw rides in the amusement park. He asked me to take the train ride and I went to the ticket counter to buy two tickets for us. The price was quite expensive, I thought there would be a great adventure ride that’s why the price is quite high. We went towards the train ride and then I saw there was a long line in which I was standing with my nephew, we had to wait for a long time, approximately 30 minutes. Our patience was getting low with time. There were two lines for train and only a single person was handling both lines, due to that reason, only one line was being handled at a time-consuming time. I was shocked when I saw that and I was angry too about the management. They even don’t know how to deal with customer service. At last, our turn came and we sat on the train. The show was started according to the schedule. We saw people with painted faces and colourful clothes trying to entertain us which was part of the show. But it was quite casual and normal so in my opinion, it should be changed according to the current era. We are living in the 2000s, so why do we have to see old era things. According to business, things have to change with time and people\’s taste otherwise it will become rubbish. The show was over in a short period and I was shocked what just happened with us. They charged us for a long show and it was a short one. What a rubbish act that was. After that my nephew became hungry so I bought some food for him. The food was not so good and not so bad in short it was average but its price was very high too which is not a good thing. I went to many adventure parks even I went to Disney land too but when I compare Disney land with Tweetsie, then I can say clearly that it is true that price of Tweetsie is half a price of Disney but there are many more things in which Disney is much better than Tweestie (e.g. Management). And after ruining my whole day, I went to advise HR that you should keep an eye on every mistake present in your Tweetsie Railroad adventure park and also improve it otherwise you will face a big loss. Thank you!

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