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Published: 16 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

For some reason my Washer was leaking water when in use. It was late Friday evening while I was at work when I remembered to try and reach a repair service. I googled washer repair service on the internet. I didn’t have time to call anyone that Friday so I wrote the number down of a company called Fastest Supply Repair and waited until Saturday morning to call someone. The only people to answer the phone that Saturday morning February 22, 2014 was Fastest Supply Service and they. I spoke with a young lady whom I later found out was Crystal Spear and. They said they were finishing up a job and would fit me in next. I waited until early afternoon but heard nothing so I called back and they said they were on the way. They arrived about 3:00pm. There was a young lady (dirty blond) by the name of Crystal Spear and a man, I thought she called him Ronnie but I’m not certain. I quickly showe them to the wash room and I pointed out a small tear on the rubber on the seal in the door in the washer. They both agreed that was the cause of the leakage. They told me it was calle the door gasket and had to be replaced. They went out to their truck to get the gasket but returned and said they didn’t have one on hand that would fit my washer. Crystal said it would have to be ordered but I had to pay for the part up front ($126.43), and the labor would be charged after repairs. I wrote a check. At this time she told me the name of their was TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN REPAIRS. They told me the part would come in maybe late Monday – Feb 24. 2014. As they left, I looked out my window to see them driving off in a U-Haul truck. My suspicions arose so I went to the computer to google their company. Their names came up under RIPOFF Reports. I was very uneasy about letting them cash my check but I didn’t cancel the check. Monday I called them promptly that afternoon to find out if my “gasket” had come in. They said it did but it would be later that evening or the next day before they could get to me – and they did cash my check. Tuesday and Wednesday they had stories about being busy but they would get to me after 4pm. Late Wednesday evening I told them I would be off work all day Thursday and they assured me they would get to me. I never saw them. I finally called 336-908-8325 and the man answered the phone. He picked a fight with me and said I was harrassing them and if I would quit calling him so much he could get something done. Of course I lit into him and promised him I would take action if he didn’t show up soon. Finally I asked if he would just return my money cause I didn’t want him in my house anymore. He said he would bring the money by that night. I never saw him. I continued to call that number as well as another one 336-402-8405. Crystal finally answered the phone and apologized for the man’s behavior and asked If I would be patient and they would get to me the following Monday. Monday I called them and they said they were on the way to my house – so I left work 5 minutes early to meet them but again they didn’t show up. After many days of calling the number I had listed I finally gave up and just filed a law suit against them. Apparently they have ran this scam from Charlotte NC area to Lexington, Winston and Greensboro. They have used several names 1-Twent-four Seven Repair, 2-Quality Home Service, 3-Fastest Supply Service, 4- ServiceXperts. I would advise anyone in need of small of repairs to NEVER use a company with any of these names if Crystal or Ronnie (Ronny) are affiliated with it.

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