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Published: 24 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I made my payment on 2/5/15 which I make my payment after I get my paycheckl every month.This is the second time in two years ive had to deal with supposed late payment.last time I had told them i was going to write another check and put stop payment on it,they replied dont do that yet,wait a week,so I did.Then I called again and told them I would write a check they again told me wait a couple more days.Now the late payment kicked in because it was over 30 days,They waited almost a full month to send me this new late statement instead of calling me which I had asked them to put a note on my account,NOPE!!! Didnt happen!!!Im calling them monday morning 3/2/15 to see WTF is going on!!!In the past I have had to do the same thing to another I shall keep unamed company that had done the same multipal times to me until I went down to the branch and got someone fired over it!!!I cant take any more of this scamming crap these companys are doing to make a buck off a loyal purchaser who pays his bills.Back to the problem at hand,the last time this happened the check had been run thru but never deposited!!!! So I did what anyone would have done,stop payment and send new check without the FEE!!!My bank was happy to do it. .

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