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TwoBears is someone you should definitely avoid

This guy, TwoBears has a whole group of women he sleeps with. He will act as though all these women are employed by him in some way or the other. Like, he’ll tell you the girl is his massage therapist, book editor, cleaning girl or something like that. They are only allowed to meet him in his office, and he moves them all around by day of the week. He hasn’t dated a single woman so far, he just fucks them. He will sometimes take them out to dinner so they are kept hanging.
His wife died over 10 years ago, and all that he has of her is her picture in this really cheap frame in his office. He earns no more than a construction worker. His business belongs not to him as he claims, but to a phantom couple. Don’t leave anything when you visit him. He’ll simply steal it and keep it for himself.
He’s terrible in bed. He’s so one-dimensional, but he will insult the women he sleeps with regularly. He’s lazy and fat as fuck. He won’t use a condom, so he’s high risk. He did psychology, so he knows how easy it is to string women along. You don’t want to get involved with this man. He will lure you in with his false messiah style, but don’t fall for it.

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  1. Judy September 12, 2017

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