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Published: 06 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I entered a Books-A-Million store in Laurel, MD to purchase a couple of books. I was asked if I wanted free subscriptions to 3 magazines. After I questioned the clerk thoroughly about being charged afterwards, they insisted that it was simply three free magazines each with no renewal or subscription charges after the free period expired. Beginning on April 16, 2014, I had a charge hit my account for a Food and Wine subscription. When I called, I respectfully asked them to cancel the subscription and I did ask the company why I was charged when the clerk insisted I would not. All the representative said is that I authorized the subscription. The service was cancelled and my money was refunded. It is now April 28, 2014 and there are two chages, both for National Geographic magazines that I, once again, did not authorize. I called the TWX company and insisted they remove and refund the charge. While on the phone, the representative indicated that another magazine subscription was going to charge my account in May. With an assertive tone, I insisted that any future transactions be canceled. All subscriptions that have my name or my wife’s name need to be revoked, canceled, etc. I did advise them that if they continued, they would find themselves facing charges for fraud. Prior to hanging up, the representative indicated that I would see a refund in 24 – 72 hours. Immediately afterwards, I contacted my bank to advise them of this situation. Books-A-Million should know better that they initiated this fraudulent action. After quite a bit of questioning, they were just as crafty as any salesman. Both organizations/businesses should be slapped with penalties and fines for such actions, if not closed down from any business. .

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