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Published: 25 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This complaint is made belatedly against Steven A. Tyler who, acting in his capacity as a licensed bid caller in the State of Florida, obtained from his son, Gary L. Nadel (an unlicensed auctioneer) at minimal cost my personal goods from two auctions in which both Nadel’s supposedly represented me. Subsequently I discovered that my some of my valued personal goods have ended up on Steven Nadel’s own independent auction Tyler Galleries website 1stDibs.com at exorbitant offer prices many times the unjustifiable transfer price granted by his son, as described herein below. On 9/29/14 my attorneys filed a cease & desist order against Steven Nadel, demanding the return of my goods. Mr. Nadel to date has refused to comply with this order and has failed to even respond to my attorneys. Of note is the fact that in this instance my goods consisting of 13 items worth (my calculations) some $4,350, sold via a third party (the scheme to legitimize the illicit transacton) for a paltry $1,180. Steven Nadel is now advertising these same goods (unquestionably my personal property) for $13,450. He continues to avoid any contact with me directly to resolve this dispute. On my part, I suspect and allege that probably other goods of mine have met the same fate. At this point all I am seeking is the complete return of my goods. However, it is evident that Steven A. Nadel is not ethical and, in fact, is hiding behind the seller, his son Gary L. Nadel, whom I am presently suing for auction fraud. While the presumption of innocence prevails until such time that the courts rule on this matter, herein I feel justified in finally going public with my demand for prompt settlement of my claim against Steven A. Nadel, regardless of how he obtained my goods. Or if not, then I am prepared to pursue both Nadel’s in the legal arena indefinitely. In this regard, the two Nadel’s have left me with no other choice than to go public with my complaint against Bid Caller Steven A. Nadel for unethical behavior due to conflict of interest and alleged intent to defraud. Related to the foregoing complaint by me as a victim of major auction fraud, naturally I will be interested to learn of others who may have had similar distasteful experiences with the two individuals in question, neither of whom should be permitted to operate in the field of auction galleries. .

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