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Unbelievable Email


First, I want to appreciate your effort in getting back to me in a short period of time that I contacted you. This proposal will benefit the both of us greatly. However, you might be wondering how I contacted you without knowing each other much better. I contacted you through this highly sms protocol service in order to maintain the needed confidentiality and security. For this reason, I want our communication to be basically though e-mail as I might not pick up your calls if someone is around me in time of call to maintain the needed confidentiality throughout this business transaction. My name is Mr. Tyler Vance and this is my telephone number: +1-551-203-1561. You are free to call me anytime and I will always answer once I am in a comfortable place to talk. I am a banker here in the United States and I want you to help me in getting back the money left behind by late Late Mr. Crisanto Benjamin Mendoza who was from the Philippines according to his records with our bank. I want us to get the money and share it between the two of us since it is something I cannot do alone. If this will put you or myself in any form of risk, I would not have contacted you, the claim is safe and beneficial to both of us financially. I am presently the operations manager of our bank and please do keep these information to yourself, it is very important. I will give you more details of myself, our bank and the transaction itself once you accept to do this with me.

Late Mr. Crisanto Benjamin Mendoza lived and worked in Charlotte North Carolina as an exporter of textiles and he deposited in our bank the sum of Two million, seven hundred thousand US dollars (US$2,700,000) as fixed deposit for a period two years in 2011. At moment, the government of my country are looking into bank accounts owned by foreigners as a result of its fight against terrorism which is common these days and as the operations manager of my bank branch I have been going through the bank accounts owned by foreigners and advising them of the problems they might face. I tried calling Mr. Crisanto Benjamin Mendoza and his number could not be reached, emails and letters sent to his address are not replied. When I tried to reach his beneficiary, I discovered that Mr. Crisanto Benjamin Mendoza did not put any beneficiary at the time he made the deposit and therefore did not leave anyone else for me to contact. The fear he could lose the money made me undertook an independent investigation to know his whereabouts since there is no one else to contact and I realized that he died in early 2013 as a result of heart related illness. However, our bank does not know of his death even as I write you this email.

I have gone to his last known address and everyone that knew him confirmed he was dead and I also inquired from the registrar of deaths, his death was registered and there is no known relative of him. I have gone to the Philippines embassy in United State and they could not confirm his identity. All these made it impossible for me to locate any of his relatives. Getting the money is not something I can do alone and what I want to do is to put your name in his records with our bank as his beneficiary so you can apply and make the claim as the legal beneficiary of the money. I know there are lots of Filipinos living here in United State but because of the way our bank works, it is only someone outside of United State that can successfully make the claim. It does not matter if you knew him or not, it does not matter if you had any kind of relationship with him or not, I will guide you all the way until the claim is made. It is not a matter of being greedy, we are not hurting anyone by making this claim and it is not the best to leave the money to eventually end up in the hands of few corrupt government officials while we have the opportunity to live better with the money when claimed. I assure you that this transaction is a risk free one and as the operations manager of our bank, the verification and approval of your application will be done by me. Once I approve it, you will have the right to claim the money.

We will share the money into two equal parts when the claim is made. You take your own half while i take mine. Everything will be done successfully as i am in position to influence things in our favor. Right now. I have all the copies of the documents relating to the deposit he made that you will file to back up this claim. All I require is your sincerity and honest cooperation to enable us make this claim successfully and we have to do this within shortest time possible because the money will be reverted to the Treasury Department’s account if not claimed now. If you are willing to do this with me, write back and I shall inform you on what next to do to make sure you receive the money. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Tyler Vance.
I want to know if this is Scam or Real. Thank you


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