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Published: 26 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

. I started playing the game about a year ago. I enjoyed the game enough to spend money on it. I spent about 400-500 dollors USD. I was in the swing of things moving up in level nicely following the rules. I was in the midst of playing on my cellular device perusual when a page appered Federal communications systems- meaning ur banned, now a multi is someone who has multiple accounts in this online page game. Now the way they figure this is buy watching ip addresses. If any one matches another they automatically assume theres a fraud… understandable. So once this happens the give u a crappie answer when ever they feel like it. So.. as i said before i play on my cellular phone. If this other player is living within the same cell tower radius as i am then were both communicating threw the same ip address. They will not accept this in anyway shape or form. I have had little to no interaction with this other player so other than the ip address being the same. Which by the way is easily explained away, there is no evidence what so ever of him and i ever crossing paths, and if we did it was probably at wall-mart or stopinshop and we would never would be the wiser. The clam that i am running multiple accounts is false, i drew a map for them and they still wouldn’t accept it. So now im hear hoping they’ll get it straight but it’s not looking good lol. So if u use this site you should know that in fact it is not mobile friendly, use a computer, there to old and ignorant to understand anything else. .

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