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Published: 21 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I recently moved across the country. (Military) I rented a U-Haul and discovered how poor their process really is. I verified how it works via a long and reluctant conversation with the manager of the last rental/storage outfit I dealt with. Going through the “reservation” prompts on the U-Haul website results in an acknowledgement from U-Haul that has no action behind it to support the customer: Basically, U-Haul says, “Yes we see you want a trailer on this date at that location.” In NO way whatsoever does that acknowledgement trigger actions that go toward the request being met. This is absolutely retarded and it’s basically an unethical ruse: The online acknowledgement from U-Haul implies that something is happening on the customer’s behalf that will eventually get them the product they need. Nothing is in fact happening and the situation after making the on-line request is no different than if the request never existed. The only way to get yourself a trailer is call around to different places that do U-Hauls and press them to try and find one for you. If you simply trusted that your truck/trailer would be available based on the web reservation, coincidence is your only hope. I got what I needed but with zero support. U-Haul survives on being the only provider so performance is irrelevant. .

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