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Published: 16 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Letter I wrote to US Bank Association April 1, 2014 Regarding: Loan Number xxxxxxxxxx To Whom It May Concern: Recently I received a final foreclosure order from the court. I am to vacate the premises on or before June 5, 2014. US Bank has engaged in a number of deceptive as well as fraudulent business practices. In fact, US Bank is directly responsible for this foreclosure. In particular, I am seeking a remedy. My request is time sensitive. The details are as follows. After obtaining my mortgage in 2008 I was paying a mortgage payment of about $1500.00. Later I received a letter from the bank telling me that they somehow failed to pay the real estate taxes on my constructed home. Only the land taxes were paid. I received an unmanageable tax bill. At the time my debt and income could not support the large bill. I contacted your bank and asked for the payments to be spread out. I was denied. In 2009 I had a house fire. My insurance company paid over $50,000 to make the repairs. I contacted the bank to ask if I could do some of the repairs myself. The loss mitigation department agreed and I was told that an inspection would be done to satisfy that the repairs were done correctly, after which the remaining insurance monies would be returned to me. I commenced with the repairs as did the other contractors. All repairs were completed and an inspection was done and approved by a man named Corey. Many months later I was still trying to collect the money. I was told that there was no record of an inspection. A second inspection was done and approved. I was still unable to get the bank to release the money after countless phone calls. This went on for many months. My mortgage payments fell behind. I contacted the bank over and over again. Finally I got the bank to agree to allow me to apply the monies to my arrears as I really wanted to keep the house. Again the funds were never released. I called and begged ad nauseam. At some point, within the past two years, a man who identified himself as Omotoya took over my case in the loss mitigation department. His phone number is 855-698-7627 extension 4183063. Mr. Omotoya left messages on my cell phone regularly. I would call him back and leave a message, none of which were ever returned. I would get absurd computer generated letters asking me if the repairs were completed. This is still happening. In fact I recently, within the week, I got a call from the loss mitigation department (now some five years later) asking me if I had a release form from a certain paint contractor. I was astounded. Everything was turned in and two inspections were done over four years ago. Over the past six months I was offering to re-purchase the home as my debt was greatly reduced and my income was about to increase. Again I offered to use the insurance monies toward a down payment. I was never contacted. It is very clear that US Bank made no effort whatsoever to work with me on retaining this house. Instead I was offered lip service and false promises to look into my inquiries. This is a very sad state of affairs for people who are trying not to lose their homes. I am formally asking for a settlement in order to avoid more stress. My mental health and physical health have suffered considerably as a consequence of the conduct of US Bank. I ask US Bank to return of all the left over insurance monies and that the foreclosure be removed from my credit record. My damages are far more than this offer. If this cannot be resolved I will seek new counsel to pursue charges against the bank. I will construct a web site to determine if other people have been victimized in a similar way. Perhaps a class will develop. Further I will seek redress through my legislators. I simply can’t believe that I am the only person that this has happened to. Please accept this letter in the spirit for which it is intended. I am not trying to bully or threaten the bank. I simply want a fair and reasonable resolution. My life has been turned upside down. Please respond within 30 days from the date of this letter. Cordially.

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