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Published: 18 February 2019

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Amend Federal Child Support Laws To Protect Biological Fathers Who Were Trapped/Conned Into Slavery The federal child support enforcement laws enacted by President Bill Clinton in the mid-1990s were, like all types of broad sweeping laws that severely circumvent or completely curtail human freedoms, were ushered in with an extremely emotional issue – the care and welfare of children and infants – however just like most other federal legislation swept in through emotionalism it is being used by unscrupulous hookers, drug addicts, con-artist females, criminals, foreign espionage agents, organized crime, foreign criminal and terrorist elements and other horrible people to hopelessly entrap, ensnare, ruin the lives of, destroy, break down, entangle, incarcerate, imprison, destroy the businesses of, and otherwise eradicate good men who are targeted by the lies, deceptions, and conning by these criminal women into 21 years of literal slavery enabled and enforced by the State. Therefore with this Petition we ask the US House of Representatives and the US Senate to consider legislative measures that would counteract such rampant criminal and terrorist targeting of good men into becoming unwilling and unknowing biological fathers when IT IS PROVEN that they were either duped, lied to, drugged, coerced, conned, deceived, forced, artificially deseminated, threatened, abused, or bullied into becoming unwilling biological fathers. Although this may sound harsh, some legal protections and countermeasures are DESPERATELY needed so that these targeted biological fathers can seek SOME relief by either getting a REDUCED child support amount which could still result in their incarceration or professional/driver licenses suspended for wilful non-payment, but would also offer them a MARKEDLY increased chance of winning sole custody and thus cutting off a deceitful thieving criminal or terrorist biological mother from even getting child support, as this would be the biological father’s responsibility to care for and financially provide for the child, as the awarding of custody to the father would be based in large part on the unfitness of the biological mother, due to her criminal and terroristic behavior as described above, in gestating the infant in the first place. We want to stress that we are not petitioning for the end of federal child support enforcement as it currently stands, we are just asking for greater rights for biological fathers if they were PROVEN victims of crime, deception, or any of the above referenced acts in either getting sole custody or in a markedly reduced child support amount to be paid without getting jailed, imprisoned, defamed, slandered, libeled, or suspended licenses. After all, good men can get abused, trapped, ensnared, duped, deceived, drugged, or conned by bad women, too – to NOT think so, is SEXIST against all males. .

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