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Published: 01 October 2019

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Did you enroll in Uability? Or are you thinking to invest in Uability. Read this and save your money. Dont just give your hard earned money to people like rohan.

I will reveal my personal experience with the scam founder Rohan dhawan and the so called program Uability. Hi everyone my name is Nasir and in this post i will clearly say what is going on in the internet marketing space and how people like you and me are fooled.

Firstly i want to congratulate you if you have not joined the Uability Program. If you have joined all i can say is you have wasted your money, and i will say you how you have wasted your money, keep reading….

You may have seen some emotional Facebook ad on your news feed and you may have clicked on that and you have got 3 to 4 video series about how you can start your own digital marketing agency or digital consulting business right ?? I know your answer is YES!!. ( Keep reading i will show you some screenshots of the Founder Rohan Dhawan )





Even i got the video series and to my surprise the videos had the concepts of a very famous entrepreneur his name is SAM OVENS. I also saw the sales Page of Uability it was very similar to Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Program, I thought something is fishy with Rohan, He just copied almost 90% of the course from sam ovens and made Uability and i have the proof. i will show you keep reading.

If you want to know more about sam ovens just google him and i will also share few things about sam ovens here. I will post few screenshot of sam oves course here

REMEBER sam ovens net worth is $65 Million and Rohan’s net worth is well you can imagine

Dont be fooled by income proof from rohan as he claims that he made Rs 79 at the age of 21. its revenue not pure profit.

SO you decide you want to follow someone who has made more than 50 millionaires and 1000 people who make 6 figure income and has a net worth of $65 million dollars or you want to follow from one of his student who is smart in creating course and selling you the similar version whos net worth is ? Oh god knows it

Guess what i am student of Sam ovens consulting program and rohan dhawan is also student of sam ovens consulting accelerator program. The Uability Course is Just Pirate Version Of Sam Ovens Course. If you dont believe me then google Consulting Accelerator free trial and i would recommend you to take the free trial and cross verify the concepts. You will not be charged in free trial and you can cancel before 7 days. The modules In Uabilty and the lectures in Uabilty is Just copied version of consulting accelerator program.


To make you believe 100% try consulting accelerator by sam ovens which rohan has copied and sold you as Uability, you can try sam ovens consulting accelerator for free for 7 days you can cancel before 7 days you will not get charged


Even you can create a course and sell just by copying the course from successful people thats not the big deal.

Before we go ahead i want to ask you what made you join the Uability Program ??. I am sure its emotions. Rohan Showed his Earnings Screen Shot which was Rs 79 Lakhs. in revenue, I repeat its revenue not profit. I mean are you serious ? People who sell courses are making lot of money than students of their course because they ask you to give video testimony and they ask you about the program and you keep answer and that video is showed to potential customer and hope is created that they may also succeed. This Is Call PROOF OF CONCEPT.

If you know the story of California gold rush, people who made most of the money were people who were selling shovels. Similarly in internet marketing space people who are making most of the money is by selling courses.

Rohan Dhawan Has blocked me on facebook and removed me from his facebook group just because i know his reality. When you applied on call he will use sam ovens script to talk to you and convenience you and encourage you by showing other peoples results to join his uabilty program.

In simple words Uabilty Course Is Copied Version Of Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator. If you dont believe me just google consulting accelerator free trial and take the free trial you wont get charged and on 6th day of trial you can cancel from the dashboard.

All the reviews on quora may be true but i am sure the people who have written positive reviews are also struggling.


SO you like week 2 of Uability ? I will just post one video of sam ovens below watch that you will forget who rohan dhawan is and start following sam ovens it totally depends on your mindset. Follow My and Rohans Mentor sam ovens and thank me later and stop fooling yourself with Uability

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