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Published: 19 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was in the process of getting a vehicle from UAC/ Car Hop (yes one in the same). In the beginning, all seemed to be great. Then small things began to happen that I thought was a misunderstanding on my part. I was having vehicle problems that I would have sworn Car Hop said was covered in my “limited warranty.” Later I figured out was limited to whatever was cheap for them to fix. I told them that I would need about two (2) weeks to figure out my new budget and the person that I talked to said that “that would be no problem.” Of course, the day after the payment was due, the calls started. First it was one (1) call a day to my phone. By day five (5), My references and I, yes let me repeat that, My references and I were getting up to five calls a day from, not one (1), but several different rude, hateful, coercive, threatening individuals. They would say anything from “we will call more often, even in the middle of the night” or “we are going to report this to your credit and damage your credit” (which I started laughing at that because it is already destroyed from a former marriage) to “We are sending a repo truck to get your vehicle.” (I study law as a hobby) I told them what they were doing was both illegal, as well as, they could be sued for the harassment, coercion, and unlawful practice.I told them that since they were working in a deceptive practice, that the contract was null and void and I did not respect it anymore. They did not respond to me asking if they understood me. I told them that, if my references or myself received more than three phone calls in a week, with anything more than a friendly reminder of an overdue bill, they would be speaking to a lawyer. The calls dropped off to two a week to my wife and my phones. I figured out that I would be unable to keep the vehicle with my new budget. I called them and told them that they could come and get the vehicle. The first words that were said, from the female on the phone, were not I’m sorry or can we figure something out to help you keep the vehicle; it was “Do you understand that with a repossession that there can be additional charges that you will be responsible for?” I answered, clearly; “No I do not understand your contracts or legal coercion after the illegal activities that have been going on the past few weeks.” With that being said, the line goes dead. About thirty (30) minutes later, I get a phone call, I could only guess was from a veteran or a manager being overly nice, asking me if we could work something out, like lowering the payments or an alternative payment plan. After a week they finally came and got the vehicle. good riddance to bad rubbish, meaning vehicle and company. .

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