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Published: 07 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

UAladys women are 100% scam. I’m 100% proof of the women are scam. After years of writing I meet the woman in person. I gave my email,address,phone to continue and get a visa for her. After I got back from visiting she contacted me 2 weeks later. Then all her problems starting evolving into my life. I can understand a person needing some help and I’m completely willing to help and do good in the world. This woman took 100% complete advantage of my Love for her. From the time I awoke in the morning until I went to sleep..all her problems for over 3 years was laid on my lap. I obviously could never solve her problems…because most just did not exist. From learning english,pnemonia,paying rent,food,jail,smashing body parts and the list goes on. So many. I asked of her health before which she stated was good. Which all that changed quickly. After many years of the one subject being only about money…this only worn me down, left me with high debt which still is not resolve and never hearing from her. Because she knows I’m now broke. UAladys big statement is all woman are fuly vetted with background checks. This is 100% completely a false lie. I’m proof of this dirty lie! If you are writing a woman drop your pen and stop wasting your hard earned money and time. You will be burnt like me with mental hardships of never ending drama and high never ending debt and bills left to me by the ualadys woman. I do not give her name because ultimately did not FIRST do what they state clearly on their web site. Vett these woman. They and only they are to blame for my high debt ridden life. Yes, they are so beautiful..but the are so careless and cruel to you and your wallet. You have been clearly warned my me. Take my words as 100% truth as they are. .

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