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Published: 17 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I just found this forum and want drivers to know that my card number was stolen and I never opened or used Uber. I just found out from My credit Card company that someone signed up for Uber points. When I looked at my statement someone used Uber in San Francisco three times. I was not in California. I live in a tiny town on the East coast where we do not have or need Uber. I never thought this could happen to me but it did. When I contacted Uber (I tried calling their phone number and it says to use their email to contact a rep- That is not good when fraud has occurred!) So I write Uber via email and explain what has happened sending copy of the charges via my Credit Card statement. I get a reply from a Marcus telling the following: This is Marcus with Uber Community Support. So sorry to hear about the trouble with the unrecognized charges. Happy to help get this sorted out. In order to trace these charges, can you please provide me with the following information? To protect your information, please do not include your full card number. The date of each charge The exact amount of each charge The type of card Just the first 6 and last 4 digits of your card The expiration date for your card In the past we’ve seen cases where a friend or family member has access to the card in question and has used it on their own account. Could this be the case for you? I recommend checking around with anyone else who shares this card to see if you can trace those charges to their Uber accounts. In the meantime I’ll investigate on my end. Note that our privacy policy doesn’t allow me to disclose ride or account information to anyone other than the account holder, so when I am able to identify these charges I will resend the receipts to that person only. If you have any other questions or concerns in the meantime please let us know. Thank you for your patience, Marcus My response as a victim to Credit Card Fraud: Apparently you do not understand my situation. No one is approved to use my card except myself. So no family member, friend or otherwise has any approval to use my card. And I am not sure what you mean by “when I am able to identify these charges I will resend the receipts to that person only”? Someone opened an Uber account using my AMEX card number, or added my number to an existing account as a method of payment. How do you verify a account holder against the credit card that is used for a transaction? Since I never opened an account with Uber I want to know do you ask for the 3 or 4 digit security number when payers are checking out, or verify the name and zip of the address on the card account? DO NOT send anything to this person it is a continuation of fraud and I do not want my identify stolen. Please do not give them my address or phone number.! I have filled out a Police Report and my credit card has been closed by American Express. Copy of Police report enclosed. If anything Uber should investigate this person for fraud and stealing someone’s credit card and using it illegally! You should be contacting the police on your end in reference to this fraud! Without security measures you allow fraud to occur and it hurts innocent people like myself.

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