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Published: 20 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

My home is being sold on April 17th, 2014 by UBS andor Rushmore Loan Management Services. The home is in my name and always has been but my ex-husband remortgaged it before he left us and I am disabled and was not able to pay the $1544 a month payment while fighting for my SSDI and raising our daughter on only the little money he sent us. The loan has been through several servicers over the years and every time I settle with one it is sold to another servicer and I have to start the whole process over. They refuse to speak with me because I am not on the loan, so my ex gives them permission, they will start a dialog then all of a sudden they transfer it to another individual or deparment who will not speak with me with out authorization, so my ex will fax it again. To date this has happened around 80 times with 4 different servicers. Until I got so sick that I couldn’t work, the payments were supposed to be payed by my husband, the loan is in his name. They weren’t, and he was living free at my parents old home. So I tried to pay them but couldn’t. He was only sending $50, $100, maybe $150 here and there until I finally had to have him put on court ordered child support. At that time I was working with UBS SSG to try and get the loan in my name and the modification done. In 2013 a modification forgiving half the loan and bringing the payments to a level I could afford was sent to my ex-husband. I never received it because by law they had to send it to the person on the mortgage and that was my now ex-husband. He finally sent a pdf of it mixed in with a bunch of other paperwork through email to me in Feb. 2014. He also sent a letter that he had gotten in 2010 that said the loan had been transfered to Rushmore Loan Management Services in 2010. I never knew, even though I had gotten letters here addressed to my ex. I forwarded all of them to him to avoid any accusations that I was opening his personal mail, which is a federal offense as he told me after I had opened a bill for him that had come here and he became angry and threatened me. I have a lawyer and we did send Rushmore a modification in January 2014. Rushmore said they never recieved anything from me or my lawyer and at court when my lawyer tried to stop or reschedule the sale the Judge Oftedal denied the motion. So my daughter and I will be put out on the street on April 30th according to what Rushmore has told me. They have the option to demand immediate possession of the home if they are the high bidder. But then so does anyone else that might get the house. Rushmore refuses to deal with me, my lawyer or anyone else. My little house that I paid $100k for in 2000 and that my ex refinanced in 2006 for $150k will be gone because no one can decide who owns it, who owes the bill, and they won’t work with me to help me keep the only home our daughter has ever known. Now the almost comical thing, is that UBS is still the one on the foreclosure docket on the clerk of court records. When I told Rushmore that, they said they had no idea who UBS was. Even more comical is that Wells Fargo is also involved in it on a separate foreclosure. I have no idea where they are even coming from. My ex took out the loan with GMAC, I have loan statements, the email reminders to me to make payments and even thank you emails to me for making timely payments. But on the loan agreement there is no Rushmore, no GMAC, no UBS, there is a hand written company named Gibralter Mortgage, who I suppose could be GMAC. Even Rushmore doesn’t know who they are. So that is that, and Rushmore is claiming that my little house is worth over the $150k when it is probably worth less than $60k because of the repairs it needs. They won’t work with me, say I am not on the loan and are foreclosing. But I am the owner of record and always have been, and Rushmore’s foreclosure through UBS (i guess that’s how it works) is against my ex-husband and myself but for them and the owner of record (who is me). So I guess I am foreclosing on myself for myself and putting myself on the street while I still own the home. None of this makes sense and no one will try to figure it out but me, but no one will listen to me. So what do I do but live in my car with my daughter and dogs because I have no friends and no family. Thank you Rushmore and UBS for destroying a family when that family has tried all along to work with you.

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